Grass Roots Nutrition: Holidays – Bypassing the Bulge

Grass Roots Nutrition: Holidays – Bypassing the Bulge

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Research varies, but in the US, folks gain anywhere from 1-10 pounds over the holidays. The worse news? We usually don’t lose it, even with the best of New Years intentions come January.


Prevention is our best ally against the pudge. Drinks can be a major contributor to extraneous calories. This includes the sugar-laden pumpkin spice lattes and other seasonal coffee treats, the punch bowl at the office party and cocktails. Water should be our main beverage. So, minimize the calorie bombs and substitute refreshing, healthy drinks such as hot herbal tea, juice mixed with seltzer, and robust wine instead of fancy cocktails.


‘Tis the season for parties and potlucks. The best way to ensure a healthy, delicious option is available is to bring it yourself. Beautiful fruit kabobs or savory hummus with fresh veggies will compliment most menus and guarantee you can munch without guilt.


Don’t park near the food. It is easy to nibble more than you realize if you’re standing next to the buffet table while catching up with friends and family. Keep your conversations away from the grub.


Use small plates. If there is an option for a smaller serving plate or drinking glass, use it to help keep those portions in check. Have family time be active time. Instead of watching a movie, go for a winter hike. Take a yoga class or run around and rough house with the younger kids. Play football instead of watching it. Take the dog for a long walk.


Enjoy your indulgences and don’t feel guilty. This is a time for special treats and secret family recipes. Just make sure to save your indulgences for those times that truly are meaningful. Sit down and slowly savor the treat.


For more information and to make an appointment to work on your goals, feel free to contact me! Have a delicious, healthy day!