Green Elephant

Green Elephant

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Learn about a new play cafe soon coming to downtown Cincinnati that will teach your kiddos how to live healthier while having fun.


Wish there was a place for your kids to play and learn about being healthy? Then your wish has been granted: Green Elephant, a soon-to-open café and indoor play place for children, is set to launch in 2018 in downtown Cincinnati.

“My mission is to bring play time back to its natural state by combining wholesome foods and organic play in a relaxing atmosphere that parents and children can enjoy together. We will focus on green living, minimizing the use of plastics and chemicals,” says Renee Laguna, founder of Green Elephant. “Green Elephant will include an indoor play area, a café that serves fresh, organic baked items from Nay Mama’s Sweet Treats, natural and healthy foods from other local eateries and retail items related to natural food and parenting sourced from local and global natural retailers.”

The “green” part of the business name comes from experiencing her son be diagnosed with ADHD in 2010 was prescribed narcotic medicine. “After researching the harsh side effects of this medication and the causes of ADHD, I found that many childhood ailments, including ADHD, were linked to preservatives, artificial colorings, flavorings, and other chemicals that are found in the foods they eat, as well as many childhood toys,” Laguna says. “From then on, it became my mission to change the foods that I was putting into my son and to change the toys that were brought into our home. As I began seeing the benefits that these changes were having on him, I wanted to be able to offer healthy foods and treats, as well as healthy play to other children as well.”

Also, Laguna says, an elephant is a symbol of her business. “Elephants are such smart, strong and loving creatures. I love them so much that I had an elephant tattooed on my upper arm, so it was natural for me to use elephant in my business name,” says Laguna. “The green part is simply that. My company is focused on providing clean, green play; straying away from plastics and chemicals, things that can harm our children as well as Mother Nature.”

Laguna says she will bring her love and experience with kids to Green Elephants. “I have been a preschool teacher and a nanny for many years. Helping to shape the lives of kids makes me happy,” she says.

Success, for Laguna, is seeing the joy in the children with which she comes in contact. “[I love] seeing them have fun in a place that going to add more chemicals to their little bodies, seeing them enjoy foods and treats that are good for them,” Laguna says. “It’s also seeing moms, dads and other caregivers breathe a little easier, knowing that their loved ones are a little safer.”

She also loves to plan. “I can hardly wait until I see all my dreams actually functioning fully,” she says.

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