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Grow the Cov

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See how some local visionaries are turning urban agriculture into an integral part of community economic development, environmental sustainability, social engagement and overall quality of life for the region.

The team behind Grow the Cov.
The team behind Grow the Cov.

The health benefits of eating fresh and healthy food are immense. However, eating healthy isn’t always the most budget-friendly option. That’s why there’s Grow the Cov.

Grow the Cov is a resource for urban agriculture just across the river in Covington, Kentucky. The organization supports the public’s access to fresh, affordable, healthy foods. It’s a great resource for those who want to eat healthy and learn about the practice of urban agriculture as well as the benefits of leading a healthful and sustainable life.

“The inspiration behind Grow the Cov comes from Covington being a fresh food dessert,” explains volunteer Lydia Cook. “Our initiative includes supporting the Covington Farmers Market and creating more demand for better access to fresh foods at local markets, grocers and corner stores.”


In addition to bringing fresh foods to local distributors, Grow the Cov is also focused on bringing awareness to people about their food and its origins. Cook says that serves as part of the organization’s mission in order to help nurture a relationship between the community and their local or regional farmers.

What makes Grow the Cov even more unique than its dedication to providing education and being a resource for the community is that it’s, for the most part, ran by local supportive residents.

Cook says that’s lots of new things on the horizon for Grow the Cov. They’ll be offering free soil and fertilizer, obtaining more chickens and goats, starting programs tailored for children and venturing out to the Covington Farmers Market. “There’s more, but surprises are much more fun,” Cook says with a smile.

You can read content from Grow the Cov on a bi-monthly basis in the River City News or stay tuned in on Grow the Cov’s website. To read a complete partner and contributors list, click here.