Guide on Vaping CBD Oil and Get Benefits

Guide on Vaping CBD Oil and Get Benefits

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The trend for vaping CBD oil is growing fast, and there are many reasons why people enjoy it. What is CBD oil, and what can you expect from vaping it? CBD – cannabidiol – is an element of the cannabis plant. However, as CBD oils are usually free from THC – the psychoactive element of the plant – CBD doesn’t give you that ‘high’. What it does is relax you, and it’s also used by people who suffer from chronic pain, to help with depression and anxiety, as a sleeping aid and for many more conditions. 

As you’re reading this it’s clear you want to know more about vaping CBD oil and the benefits you might enjoy, so let’s get started with a section about what you need to start your vaping experience. 

What You Need to Enjoy Vaping

To begin your vaping journey, you need a suitable vaping device. We recommend that you start by looking at vape pens – sometimes known as dab pens – as these are the most convenient and popular devices on the vaping market. There are many brands and manufacturers who offer a variety of vape pens of different types, so here’s what’s involved.

A vape pen is a small device with an outer casing in which there will be miniature electronics to control the processes, a rechargeable battery, a coil or atomizer and a cartridge (shortened to cart). The casing will have a mouthpiece attached. The CBD substance – usually in the form of a dab or concentrate – is put into the cartridge. 

When the user tells the device to begin its process the battery powers the coil which heats the cartridge to a point where the CBD vaporizes. This produces the vape cloud that the user inhales for their hit. Now if there’s one element in which a lot of development has been undertaken it’s that of the cart battery which remains central to the process.

Whats the Fuss About the 510-Thread Battery?

In the early days of the vaping industry there were no standard practices. Manufacturers went their own way with the design and operation of the devices they offered. It quickly transpired that there was one type of battery that was best, and this is known as the 510-thread battery. There’s nothing special about it apart from the thread. With vape makers using the same battery thread – and also the same thread across all removable parts – the user was no able to upgrade a device.

What would this involve? The main reason to upgrade is that the early devices were pre-set at a single temperature. Users wanted to vary this setting because hotter or cooler vaporization can produce a smoother or harsher hit, whichever the user desired. Hence the introduction of 510-thread batteries with adjustable voltage. These can replace the basic ones that are simple and effective but not at all sophisticated.

Why Vaping is Growing in Popularity 

The vaping market is without doubt one of the fastest growing not just in the USA but across the world. With tobacco being out of favor and largely banned in many countries the safer alternative is clearly vaping, which involves no burning and therefore no carcinogens or tar. Of course, there are users who enjoy the routine of rolling a joint, but for CBD use there is undoubtedly a major convenience bonus in the vaping route. 

The benefits of CBD we have already mentioned – relaxation and an enjoyable experience without the THC high – and if you want to give it a go, we recommend you start with a dab pen, the least expensive and most convenient method of all.