Health at Home with Vitruvian Fitness

Health at Home with Vitruvian Fitness

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Thomas Bizzarri, owner of Vitruvian

Entering the gym alone can be a stressful and overwhelming situation. You stand at the door looking around at all the expert-level gym rats and you question yourself: Where do I start? What exercises should I do? How do I know if I am doing workouts the right way?


That’s where Vitruvian Fitness can help. “We develop a customized personal training program based on the client’s individual needs and goals. We incorporate bodyweight exercises – [such as]push ups, chin ups, lunges, squats, etc. – free weights, and band exercises along with cardio vascular training to maximize results,” says owner of Vitruvian Fitness, Thomas Bizzarri.


So, regardless of your fitness level, Vitruvian can help you build a customized personal training plan and nutrition program after a free initial consultation and assessment. “The amount and ratio differs from client to client because we customize the routine,” explains Bizzarri. Exercising regularly and enduring physical activity are extremely important and beneficial for long-term health and well-being.


Some examples of the individual programs offered are: weight loss, boot camp, body toning, cardiovascular fitness, sport specific training, weight lifting, suspension training, functional fitness, young adult fitness, older adult fitness, and post rehab training. Also, the personal trainers make house calls to make every effort to assist you to succeed and overachieve your health and fitness goals.



According to Bizzarri, the trainers who make house calls set goals and assist your progress as they would in the gym, but you have the added bonus of the convenience and comfort of being in your own home. Vitruvian Fitness Personal Trainers specialize in offering a diversified plan of aerobic exercise and strength training so you can accomplish optimal outcomes and attain your health and fitness goals. The amount and ratio of aerobic exercise and strength training exercise is customized for you and your unique individual goals and needs.


“The benefits of our program are fat loss, weight loss, increase in leanness, lower blood pressure and resting heart rate, increased stamina, better confidence, and an increase in the quality of life,” says Bizzarri.


Bizzarri says it’s easy to get started. Just schedule an appointment for a full assessment and then they take it from there. Vitruvian Fitness is located at 6465 Creek Road. To learn more, visit or call the gym at (513) 400-3642.