How to Beat Depression without Medicine

How to Beat Depression without Medicine

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Drug addiction is a problem that affects more than just the individuals that struggle with it. Its effects are also felt by family members, coworkers, and friends. Essentially, the problem is more than the abused substances. Users of prescription and illegal drugs deal with compulsions and cravings. They also face issues like depression and anxiety. 

The Connection between Addiction and Depression/Anxiety 

A person is said to have a dual diagnosis when they have a mental health problem co-occurring with substance abuse. Unfortunately, many individuals with the dual diagnosis do not get treatment because they are prevented from doing so by their mental health issues. What’s worrying is the fact that when a person fails to seek treatment for a mental health condition or addiction, their situation gets worse. 

Nevertheless, individuals with co-occurring disorders can get help by searching for the phrase ‘inpatient drug rehab near me’ online or contact with centers like Inpatient drug rehab is a facility where individuals that are struggling with drug addiction receive treatment and counseling to regain control over their lives. Currently, many rehab facilities provide treatment for co-occurring disorders. This entails treating both substance abuse disorder and mental health problems simultaneously. 

Co-occurring disorders present challenges when it comes to recovery. That’s because each has symptoms that may be difficult to differentiate. What’s more, substance abuse and mental health problems affect each other. As such, their simultaneous treatment is the most effective treatment approach. 

A 2016 survey revealed that there are more than 8.2 million individuals in the United States alone that suffer from a mental health disorder and drug addiction. However, only 7.4% of those with dual diagnoses receive treatment for drug addiction in a professional setting. 

Drug addiction and conditions like depression and anxiety, as well as, relapse are connected in several ways. Their common sources include: 

  • Socializing- In some cases, social anxiety leads to drug use. It also interferes with a person’s recovery from drug addiction. Thinking about attending peer counseling or group therapy sessions can cause anxiety and fear in some people. 
  • Thinking- Difficulty focusing or concentrating can affect the ability of an individual to function, make decisions, and even increase anxiety. Some people can use drugs like addictive amphetamines to counter such symptoms and focus. 
  • Sleeping- Depression and anxiety can cause sleep disturbances. Some people turn to drugs to deal with this problem. Unfortunately, drugs like stimulants can worsen this problem. And, a person can take other or more drugs in an attempt to deal with the problem. 

Managing Stress and Anxiety in Healthy Ways 

Stress, anxiety, and other mental health conditions are linked to addiction. That’s why a person may search for ‘drug rehabs near me’ when they feel stressed or anxious and they use addictive substances. Nevertheless, dealing with stress and anxiety requires a person to condition their mind and body. Here are some of the factors that a person should focus on to condition the body and mind to deal with stress and anxiety without drugs: 

  • Activity- Taking deep, repeated breaths is one of the active ways of reducing stress. Others include listening to music, meditating, and getting a massage. Anything that can clear the mind of a depressed person can help. This includes counting slowly to self-distract, talking to a family member or friend, as well as, shooting the breeze. 
  • Mental- Realizing that some of the things that life brings your way are out of your control is an important step in the process of dealing with depression. Perfection might be impossible. However, a person can opt to maintain a positive attitude. Reducing negative thoughts can lower anxiety. Even writing things down can bring solace and help a person deal with triggers of depressive feelings. 
  • Physical- Caffeine and alcohol won’t mix with anxiety. As such, you have to quit using them. You can deal with anxiety and depression by eating healthy foods. This will give you more energy and help you feel better. Ensuring that your body gets vitamins, proteins, and minerals can help you achieve and maintain a stable level of blood sugar. This, in turn, can reduce stress response which is the major anxiety trigger. Avoid consuming refined carbohydrates, sugar, and skipping meals. 

Nevertheless, some individuals need professional help to deal with stress and anxiety. That’s why some people search for ‘drug rehab near me’ online especially when they think addiction is a factor in their depression problem. 

Beating Depression in Healthy Ways 

When depressed, a person can feel hopeless and drained. Turning to alcohol and drugs can’t help a person feel more hopeful and happier. Professional help can help an individual overcome depression. Here are tips that can help a person beat depression without medication. 

  • Keep in touch- Depression makes a person want to isolate themselves from the others. As such, connecting with friends and family can boost the mood of a person and their outlook. Even without a solution, being compassionate and attentive can complement professional addiction help. Therefore, a person should talk, socialize, call, and go out for dinner even when they don’t feel like doing it. 
  • Exercise- Research has shown that exercise can help in alleviating depression symptoms. Working out can boost the energy level of a person. This can counter the fatigue that is associated with depression. Rhythmic exercises like dancing, weight training, and walking can help with depression. A depressed person should focus on activity sensation instead of negative thoughts. Working out in the company of other people can also help. 
  • Get out in the sun- Go for an adventurous hike, lunchtime walk, or just let the natural light in through the window. Being exposed to the sun for at least 15 minutes can increase the levels of serotonin in the body. And this can help with depression. 
  • Challenge your negative thoughts- How a person thinks affects their feelings. Nothing or all thinking can exacerbate depression. Over-generalizing negative experiences, diminishing or ignoring positive thoughts/events, believing how a person feels changes their reality, and jumping into quick conclusions can all exacerbate depression. Having many rules and using personal shortcomings and mistakes to label self can also worsen depression. 

Searching for ‘drug rehab centers near me’ online and undergoing professional counseling might not be enough for some people. A depressed person can also enhance their recovery by doing these things. 

Final Thoughts 

Addiction is related to mental health problems like depression and anxiety. But, some people don’t know this when asking, ‘where do I get drug counseling near me?’ Nevertheless, the best treatment facilities take an integrated approach to treat co-occurring disorders like addiction and depression. This involves encouraging individuals to do the things discussed here to enhance their recovery.