Hypnotic Wellness Methods

Hypnotic Wellness Methods

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From stress and pain management to weight loss and smoking cessation, a local expert opened a hypnosis center to help clients achieve life-changing results. Read on to see how she does it.

Nicole Jeffries of Hypnotic Wellness Methods.

Hope, relief and life-changing results — that’s what Nicole Jeffries provides each of her clients at Hypnotic Wellness Methods.

Jeffries used hypnosis to change her own life for the better, and now she’s helping others through the hypnosis center she opened on Columbia Parkway. She personally used hypnosis to quit smoking, and she also used the practice when delivering her daughter resulting in minimal discomfort, and a more joyful experience of childbirth.

According to Jeffries, the clients she works with are most commonly struggling with weight management, stress management, and quitting smoking. As the field of hypnosis continues to grow, Jeffries says she now “works in conjunction with doctors and psychologists to help with pain management and assist cancer patients, and caregivers with their challenges as well.”

Despite misinformation surrounding hypnosis, Jeffries says she tries to set a more positive image and set the record straight with how impactful hypnosis can be. “Despite what some may think, hypnosis is definitely not mind control,” she explains. “In fact, when working in hypnosis, you will never do anything you are ethically, or morally opposed to in any way. You would or could never be made to do anything you wouldn’t want to do.”

Offering private sessions, group sessions, audio sessions, and even options for children, the Hypnotic Wellness Methods has options available for every need. “[I] will get to know what a client’s goals are, and most importantly what motivates them in order to get the best idea of how to proceed with their session,” she says. “You as the client are always the one in control.”

First time visitors can expect a very open environment, and probably some myth debunking from Jeffries’ point-of-view. The first step is getting the client comfortable, followed by a discussion of what the person wants to gain from their experience.

Next, Jeffries begins a discussion about self-talk. “You’d be surprised at how just changing your self-talk can make a total impact on your overall outlook, and begin processing the changes you’re looking for,” she explains. “I teach people the language of the mind, and how they can program themselves for success.”

Individual sessions “create the most impact since each problem, each client, and each of their goals are truly unique, so each session can specifically tailor to each individual.”

In a touching testament to how powerful hypnosis can be, Jeffries shares a story about a patient who suffered from ADHD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. “He was so fearful and under so much pressure, that every day he went to school, he would be on the verge of a full panic attack,” she says. “Working in conjunction with a doctor, the client and I were able to neutralize those nervous behaviors very quickly, and with hypnosis he was able learn to focus his mind, and energy to the point where he was able to go off of his medication completely. His grades not only improved, but his health and overall confidence grew so much that he began to play sports for the first time, and began making so many friends he was eventually nominated for Homecoming Court at his high school!”

Jeffries says it’s a gratifying experience to see so many clients accomplish their goals after their time with her. ”They, and myself are often surprised and amazed when they come to me realizing they are achieving in areas they thought were never possible,” she says.

Hypnotic Wellness Methods is located at 3567 Columbia Parkway in Cincinnati. To learn more, visit http://www.hypnoticwellnessmethods.com or call 513-378-4456 for a free consultation.