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Learn about an instructor-turned-business-owner who’s creating quite the following with her transformational techniques.


ImWithKelly is a fitness movement bringing people together through exercise.

ImwithKelly isn’t just a business name. It’s a quickly building movement. 

“ImwithKelly is a fitness movement that began in Chicago when I was teaching, and managing three health clubs. What started as an instructor following soon became a familiar hashtag and a common phrase associated with any class I taught,” Kelly Amshoff, owner of ImwithKelly, says. “When I came to Cincinnati and started teaching, I built a similar following and it caught on here as well. It means, simply, you’re ‘with’ a group led by Kelly, getting your ass kicked all together!”

Amshoff got the inspiration to start ImwithKelly from Lululemon. “I’m a current ambassador of the Cincinnati stores and when we sat down to set goals and find our purpose, it became clear that I should be working for myself and not another brand,” she says. “I needed to start owning the fact that ‘Kelly’ was the brand people would follow.” 

That’s when she branches off and began ImwithKelly branded classes in 2013. “I just made the legal LLC in 2017,” Amshoff says, adding that business is located within Power 3 Fitness, where she teaches at 7227 Montgomery Road. “I hope to hold a lot of outdoor classes this summer, around the city.”

Kelly Amshoff of ImWithKelly

Health and fitness means a lot to Amshoff. “I don’t think ‘healthy’ means just eating clean or fitting into a new pair of jeans. Healthy means being happy in your skin and finding that you’re capable of so much more than you thought possible,” she says. “To watch clients become stronger is the biggest gift as a trainer.”

As for the fitness aspect, “Fitness means challenges. You can’t become complacent or you’ve dropped into ‘routine,’” Amshoff says. “Fitness means you’re putting your body through uncomfortable transformations, believing in your ability along the way.”

ImwithKelly offers a variety of classes, including:

• Chisel: “Nonstop movement with lighter dumbbells aiming for muscle burnout with bursts of cardio to spike heart rate along the way,” she says.
• Grounded: “Similar to Chisel, but with zero cardio. One foot will always stay on the ground,” Amshoff says.
• InTENsity: “Tabata training at its finest! Ten exercises are chosen and clients will rotate through circuits of 20 seconds at max effort, with 10 seconds of rest,” she says.
• Hustle: “An explosive 30 minutes (cardio, strength and core), followed by 20 minutes of mat work,” Amshoffsays. 
• Personal Training

She loves coming back to work every day. She defines success with her business by “having a career that you enjoy, being able to wake up each and every day and love what you do,” Amshoff says. “ImwithKelly is a community. “The camaraderie created through classes is addicting and it’s a wonderful way to meet new friends and try new challenges.”

The most memorable moment since launching ImwithKelly, Amshoff says, is: “When my clients followed me to a new space at the beginning of 2018. It meant the world. I was worried I would lose some of my following and they all transitioned to stay a part of the classes.”

To learn more about ImwithKelly, visit her website or Facebook.