Is Vaping Bad for Teens?

Is Vaping Bad for Teens?

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By now, it is common sense to know that addiction in most cases is a bad thing. Whether you are addicted to hard drugs such as cocaine or heroin, mild substances such as weed or nicotine, or even gambling – all of these things can be extremely bad for anyone who partakes in them – especially if that person is not aware of their limits. 


Ever since people, especially parents who smoke regularly and yet are still very concerned about the effects of their harmful habit on their young children, have become aware of the dangerous diseases which can be caused by too much tobacco and nicotine in your system, they have started to turn to vaping. Some even consider vaping to be a harmless substitute for all other substances. 

Vaping, also known as e-cigarettes and even electric cigarettes, has suddenly started to appear as an attractive replacement to people who either want to quit indulging in a harmful habit such as smoking, or want to get into it but don’t want to get addicted or go for something which is too strong for beginners. 

But the sad reality is that vaping might not be as harmless as people believe it to be. For sure, vaping is much less dangerous than nicotine because first of all, addiction to vaping is a very rare thing to happen whereas almost every other tobacco smoker on the entire planet is dangerously addicted to nicotine. 


We wouldn’t go as far as claiming that vaping is as harmful as smoking excessively, but it still should not be treated as the godsend people think it is. 

According to the well-known and influential American Lung Association, vaping is dangerous if indulged in excessive amounts because most of the vapes and e-cigarettes people use have the chemical nicotine in them. And we all know just how addictive nicotine can be. 

Once you become dependent on nicotine, you can develop harmful side effects from not getting the nicotine you crave.  For those who are unaware, withdrawal from nicotine suddenly can lead to several awful conditions such as anxiety, loss of appetite and sleep, and even depression. Just like nicotine can badly affect your child’s developing brains, which leads to reduced memory and attention spans, the vaping of nicotine can do the same. Nicotine in vapes can also bring harm to unborn babies. 

Other than nicotine, another thing which can bring tons of harm to your child is the well-known chemical for building known as formaldehyde. This substance is known for causing cancer. 

Another thing to watch out for in vapes are the flavors, especially the chemical known as diacetyl, which has a buttery taste and can be very harmful as it causes a disorder of the lungs known as “popcorn lung” which is similar to bronchitis. 

In short, if your kids are interested in vaping, lead them in a different direction.  If you vape, but your kids do not, make sure you are informed of all the potential side effects before  you expose them to vape or the second hand effects of the vapor.