Jazz up Your Day with Lunch Beat

Jazz up Your Day with Lunch Beat

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Lunch Beat Cincinnati participants

You never know when one small idea will turn into a revolutionizing plan. In the case of Lunch Beat, Molly Range started a lunchtime dance group three years ago in a small garage in Stockholm, Sweden with a mere 14 people attending the first event. Now, Lunch Beat is heating up dance floors in more than 55 cities including locations on all continents, gaining international media attention.

In the fall of 2012, Mikel Patterson of Sharonville decided to bring Lunch Beat to Cincinnati. “[Patterson] decided to build a community based project around his passions; namely dancing,” says Lunch Beat Cincinnati co-founder Andrew Greiwe. “He and I began recruiting ordinary citizens who shared Mikela’s passion in order to collaborate on a possible project.”


Greiwe says many people – in addition to himself and Patterson – support this project that brings people together and builds up the city through dance.


“We hope Lunch Beat Cincinnati inspires and empowers other ordinary every day citizens to share their own passions,” says Greiwe. “We believe Cincinnati is a great place to live, work, and play when we all share our gifts with one another.”


Lunch Beat Cincinnati participants

The Lunch Beat Cincinnati events are free to attend. According to Greiwe, all you have to do is show up and be yourself. “The kinds of people who come are average everyday citizens who care about their city and love to dance,” he adds.


What makes Lunch Beat Cincinnati different? “[It’s] because our primary goal is not to ‘promote’ or ‘sell’ a product,” Greiwe explains. “Instead, we want to promote you and your neighbors and our home. There is no alternative motive. Of course we give credit to our community partners, but the sole purpose is to freely share our passion for music and dance with our neighbors, with the hope that a greater bond of unity and inclusivity will be established.”


Lunch Beat Cincinnati is continuously growing, as they partner with companies such as: Pones, Enjoy the Arts, Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), and local DJs to bring innovative dance experiences once a month. The next Lunch Beat Cincinnati session is scheduled for Thursday August 22, running from 12-1pm at the CAC.


“We hope to hold Lunch Beat Cincinnati sessions on the Third Thursday of every month, but that schedule is subject to change, especially around the holidays,” says Greiwe. “We see Lunch Beat Cincinnati sessions attracting a diverse group of people while highlighting and connecting local DJs and musicians.”


To stay up-to-date with Lunch Beat, visit them on Facebook or at LunchBeat.org. If you are interested in getting involved and helping to build your own community based projects please contact Andrew Greiwe at Andrew@starfirecouncil.org or at (513)505-1578.