Kickstarting pauir athletic apparel

Kickstarting pauir athletic apparel

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This Thanksgiving, Jamie Hoffpauir was extra thankful. That’s because her successfully funded Kickstarter Campaign, which ended on Thanksgiving Day, allows Hoffpauir to put $16,000 toward her business concept, pauir athletic apparel.


Being diagnosed with breast cancer 13 years ago, Hoffpauir knew she wanted to keep her active and healthy lifestyle. “Exercising increases a woman’s chance at survival, however, scarring and tissue damage from surgery and radiation, prove to be a challenge and almost impossible for putting on a shirt during this time,” she says. “I knew I wanted to help other women like myself, which led me to create pauir athletic apparel.”

Jamie Hoffpauir, founder of pauir athletic apparel



This specialty athletic apparel line allows women with breast cancer to zip easily into their fashionable workout gear and move just as effortlessly from an athletic to a social scenario. “No more restrictions and exclusions,” Hoffpauir says. “No baggy, makeshift clothes and no more excuses.”


Having successfully funded her Kickstarter campaign, Hoffpauir says she’s using that financial support to shore up startup necessities, such as product design, branding, marketing, legal, “and, most importantly, the production of the first 200 pauir Workout Tops,” Hoffpauir explains. “Pictures have come in from St. Paul — all labor and materials made in the USA — and the manufacturers are as excited as we are! This is the beginning of a brand that will help women undergoing breast cancer treatment survive and give those with any line to cross the support to accomplish just that!”


Next up, Hoffpauir says they are continuing to get the word out locally and nationally, making the pauir athletic Workout Tops available on different breast cancer and athletic sites across the country. “We will also be selling the tops at local running and endurance events, such as the Flying Pig Marathon,” she adds. “Beyond that, we are looking to evolve the product line to include an accompanying Workout Bottom, various color incarnations of the Workout Top and then move into a swimsuit line!”


Hoffpauir says they will continue to explore ways that pauir athletic apparel can bolster not only women aspiring to beat breast cancer but others facing down disease and impairment related obstacles. “Overall, and more importantly, this will be the brand to accompany and help those with ANY line to cross, any barrier before them…to aspire, achieve and succeed,” she says, adding their tagline, “Get to the other side…with pauir!”


To learn more, visit their website, and watch the video below.

pauir athletic apparel Kickstarter Video—introducing the world’s first workout top for women with breast cancer.