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LiveFit Cincinnati

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LiveFit Cincinnati LLC focuses on a healthy diet and exercise.

“Eat clean. Train dirty. Live fit.” that’s the mantra at LiveFit Cincinnati LLC.

Launched in 2008 by Patrick Striet, LiveFit is family-owned fitness studio based in Oakley. “We’ve made a name for ourselves by offering programs which are appropriate for any person’s starting fitness level and progressive on both a micro and macro level,” says Striet. “We wanted to begin a new era of fitness by providing better customer service and better fitness programming.”


The customized experience not only makes them unique, but it also improves their clients’ results. “I wanted to provide my clients with a more intimate and serious training environment which focused solely on results, individualized fitness prescriptions, and 21st century training methods not cookie cutter machine based circuit workouts,” Striet says. “I didn’t want to offer ‘workouts’ or ‘exercise sessions.’ I wanted to offer and implement progressive training programs.”


The concept appears to be working because the business has expanded immensely since opening. From its humble beginnings of a 700 square foot studio, LiveFit has now grown into a 2,700 square foot warehouse and added co-owner Holly Mitchell into the equation.


“Prior to Holly joining LiveFit, we only offered one-on-one private training. When she came on board, we started to offer small group training, group fitness classes, a meal planning and nutrition coaching service and a program design/distance coaching service,” Striet explains. “By doing this, we were able to reach more people and lower the barrier to entry.”


Since a very young age, both Mitchell and Striet had a passion for fitness. Mitchell also works for a successful online nutrition coaching service called Lean Bodies Consulting and Striet now owns his dream warehouse-style gym with LiveFit. “We are flat out passionate about fitness,” Striet says. “We feel being fit, moving and performing well, being happy with what you see in the mirror and living an active life is essential to becoming the best ‘YOU’ possible.”


Encouraging Cincinnati residents to live fit, hence the name “LiveFit Cincinnati,” Striet believes that the training sessions his clients go through at LiveFit carries over into the rest of their lives with a strong body, mind and spirit. “We love breaking down people’s barriers and negative self-talk and helping them to accomplish things they didn’t think were possible,” he says.


LiveFit provides a range of services and programs to accommodate a variety of budgets, needs, circumstances and preferences. LiveFit offers traditional one-on-one private training, $60 to $75 per session, small group training, $40 to $55 per session, “metabolic blast” group exercise classes, $15 to $20 per class, meal planning and nutrition coaching, $140 to $240 per month and distance coaching/program design, $140 to $240 per month.


“Our gym is, in fact, ‘a gym’ in every sense of the word,” Striet explains. “It’s a warehouse style gym, somewhat rugged and edgy, and it screams ‘We are here to work!’ If you are looking for shiny equipment, LCD screens on the walls, and vanilla scented towels, it may not be for you. If you want a great training environment, top tier coaching and programming and results LiveFit is for you.”


What sets LiveFit apart from other gyms? According to Striet, it all comes down to their mantra: not only training but also eating and living right with a healthy lifestyle. “It’s imperative we get our clients eating right or they won’t get results, and then we can’t retain them as clients and make a living. We use fat loss nutrition to drive 90 percent of our clients’ aesthetic improvements, and then we use the training portion of the program to add shape and contour to the body so when our clients drop enough fat through their diet, their muscles can show beneath the skin,” he says, adding that LiveFit’s nutrition coaching service has been the most popular because it produces the fastest results.


Striet and Mitchell hope to continue offering more services and reaching more people with LiveFit by expanding their online presence, and  having multiple LiveFit locations and trainers implementing their philosophy.


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