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See how this former NCAA athlete behind a local gym and his team are making a touchdown of health and wellness for their clients.

Mission 5 Fitness uses five principles to help you achieve overall health and wellness.
Mission 5 Fitness uses five principles to help you achieve overall health and wellness.

At Mission 5 Fitness, your goal is their mission. Founded by former NCAA athlete Joel Wainscott, Mission 5 Fitness specializes in personal fitness training for a wide range of ages, fitness levels, and lifestyles. “It’s a studio experience that is very different than large commercial gyms and CrossFit-style boxes,” says Wainscott. “Mission 5 Fitness is a great alternative to the generic gym experience and group classes that lack individual attention.”

“We believe that physical fitness plays a critical role in overall health and wellness, and that true physical fitness is multidimensional,” says Wainscott. “That’s why we take a multi-faceted approach to fitness that’s built on five proven principles to improve your physical condition and ability to deal with external and internal stress.”


Those five principles of health and wellness include:

1. Muscular Strength – The ability of a person to exert force on a physical object using muscles.

2. Muscular Endurance – The ability of a person to exert force on a physical object for an extended period of time.

3. Flexibility – The range of motion of a joint, which may be increased by stretching.

4. Cardio Fitness – The ability of the circulatory and respiratory system to supply oxygen to skeletal muscles during sustained physical activity.

5. Body Composition – The percentages of fat, bone, and muscle in human bodies.

According to Wainscott, while the five principles are applied to each program at Mission 5 Fitness, the workout plans are also altered to each individual client and specifically design to help them achieve their goals.

With more than 10 years experience himself, Wainscott has trained a variety of people include professional, collegiate and high school athletes as well as the elderly and those with special needs. So for him a career in fitness was nearly a given. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Morehead State University and holds a certification in golf fitness from the Titleist Performance Institute.

Total, there is a more than 50 years combined experience in trainers Ryan Flynn, Eric Feigel, Julie Morrison, Todd Ward, and Aaron Park – all who complete the Mission 5 Fitness team.

“We provide the motivation, education, and fortitude to allow you to reach your highest fitness potential,” he says.

Joel Wainscott of Mission 5 Fitness
Joel Wainscott of Mission 5 Fitness

The facility that houses Mission 5 Fitness overlooks the Ohio River and is designed to meet the needs of trainers as well as their clients. “Mission 5 Fitness is a clean, well-maintained executive-style fitness facility outfitted with high-end equipment,” adds Wainscott.

Mission 5 Fitness features a 2,800-square-foot carpet training studio, a lock room with shower and towel service, state-of-the-art, commercial grade equipment including Nautilus, Life Fitness, and Matrix, suspension training equipment, BOSU, SPRI equipment, rubber dumbbells, kettlebells, and more.

If you’re interested in checking out Mission 5 Fitness, Wainscott says they offer a free consultation and two complimentary fitness training sessions for all new clients. “This includes an explanation of the training process and how Mission 5 Fitness will help you achieve your personal fitness goals,” he says.

Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness or want to focus on your nutritional habits, Mission 5 Fitness can help. They offer private, one-on-one fitness training, small group training, youth fitness training, senior fitness training, post-rehab physical fitness, in-home personal training, on-site corporate group training, and nutrition counseling.

Wainscott says that Mission 5 Fitness also recently added a new team member to provide a critical component of health and wellness. Registered Dietitian Kristen DeAngelis is available to help clients eat healthier to lose or gain weight and address other health concerns. “Why a dietitian? Because anyone can claim to be a nutritionist but we want to offer the most educated and highly trained professional for our clients,” explains Wainscott.

Mission 5 Fitness is located at 2260 Riverside Drive in Cincinnati. Wainscott says Mission 5 Fitness is located just east of Downtown Cincinnati and is a convenient drive from Fort Thomas, Hyde Park/Oakley, Over-the-Rhine, Clifton, Anderson, and most Greater Cincinnati neighborhoods.

To schedule an appointment with any of the trainers at Mission 5 Fitness, call 513-828-9731 or send an email to info@mission5fitness.com. Learn more at www.mission5fitness.com. You can also follow along on Facebook.