Nourish: Nourishing Reads

Nourish: Nourishing Reads

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Several years ago I was stopped in my tracks by a line Matthew Kelly wrote in his book, "The Rhythm of Life." He simply says, “We are what we read.” The day I read that, I looked over at the stack of magazines on my nightstand and realized that if he were right, then I was in trouble. By spending my limited free time reading fluffy, pop-culture magazines, I was absorbing those words and images into my very being.  I realized that reading those magazines was causing me to put myself in constant comparison with celebrities…and guess who always came up short? (Hint: NOT Jennifer Aniston!)

That same day, I resolved to read more of the kind of material that built me up and inspired me – great books, well-written magazines, and thought-provoking blogs and less of the stuff that made me question my self-worth.

When I began writing my own blog, it was with that personal resolution in mind. At, I write about healthy living ideas – eating well, building strong relationships, staying fit, managing stress, setting goals, and other practices – all of which help to develop a thriving sense of well-being.

I hope you’ll subscribe so you, too, can be nourished through the blog. And if you’re looking for other healthy living reads, here are just a few of the books to have graced my nightstand lately:

"The Rhythm of Life" – Matthew Kelly
Matthew Kelly (who actually lives here in Cincinnati) will introduce you to inspiring ideas for becoming “the best version of yourself” including the powerful benefits of spending time in “the classroom of silence.” BIG, life changing ideas from a talented author who is fun to read. If you ever have the chance to hear him speak – take it!

"Food Rules" – Michael Pollan
This book is short, and simple enough for children to understand, but the wisdom in it is timeless. Michael Pollan unpacks his “rules” for how to eat healthfully. The basic premise? Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.

"Women, Food and God" – Geneen Roth
This book will resonate with anyone who has ever struggled in her relationship with food. Despite the title, it’s not really a book about God as much as it’s about discovering the real source of hunger. I think Geneen Roth is simply brilliant. Her writing is witty and direct and loving all at the same time. She shares her own journey out of the depths of emotional eating and helps you find your own way to a normal, healthy relationship with food.