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062711ADVERTORIAL.jpgYou’re a busy woman. From long hours at the office to taking care of everyone around you, it’s difficult to fit in quality time for family and your well being. That’s where Nourish, a wellness practice based in Loveland, can help.


Offering a range of services – from wellness coaching and weekly in-home meal preparation to fitness coaching and personal training – Nourish can help increase your energy, decrease stress and give you the time you need to do the important things in life.


Cherylanne Skolnicki, owner and health coach at Nourish, founded Nourish after a 15-year career in sales and marketing at Procter & Gamble. Because she’s always been so passionate about food, she often daydreamed about creating a career in the food world. "One night I said to my husband, ‘I just want to help change the way people think about food in this country.’ And he looked at me so patiently and said, ‘Well, then go do that,’" recalls Skolnicki. "And Nourish was born."


Nourish was founded to help women thrive, she says. "We believe that you can fuel your highest aspirations in life through the practice of eating well. The company is a wellness coaching practice at its core, but we have a range of services designed to meet our clients’ needs."


Those services include:
– Wellness coaching (one-on-one and group)
– Cooking instruction
– In home meal preparation
– Guided health food/grocery store field trips
– Kitchen "makeovers"


"Clients kept asking if we could cook for them," says Skolnicki. "So, now we have an in-home meal preparation service we call Nourish@Home. It’s like having your own personal chef for the week!" You choose healthy meal options from Nourish’s seasonal menu and one of their cooks does the shopping, cooking, storing and cleanup! "We spend a few hours in your kitchen and you eat well all week," says Skolnicki. "You don’t even have to be at home while we cook, so it’s a great service for women who work and want to come home knowing dinner is taken care of."


This summer Nourish will be adding an integrative physician to the practice who will see patients for 90-minute consultations either focused on overall wellness or on a particular medical condition the patient may be facing. The physician will develop a health plan for them which they can then follow independently or with support from a Nourish health coach. "I love that we’ll be able to offer this to our clients since so often people hear what to do but then struggle with how to change their behaviors," says Skolnicki. "Coaching is all about getting the behaviors in place to support wellness goals."


At Nourish, they practice a holistic approach to health and wellness, which means they look at how all the areas of your life are connected. Does stress at your job or in your relationship cause you to overeat? Does lack of sleep or low energy prevent you from exercising? "As we spend time together, our clients discover how all the pieces of their lives affect their health as a whole," says Skolnicki. In fact, she adds, they develop a deeper understanding of the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for them and they implement lasting changes to improve their energy, balance and health.


"Our clients are most often women who are incredibly successful in nearly every area of their lives," Skolnicki says. "Yet, eating well eludes them. They want to eat more healthfully, have more energy, and stop worrying about food. We are devoted to helping them hard-wire the practice of eating well into their lives so that they can truly thrive. Once food and weight and energy doesn’t take up so much head space, they are freed up to really go after their life’s goals."


Skolnicki says she’s had clients tell her, "I consider my investment in my journey with Nourish the best thing I’ve ever done for myself." She says it’s humbling to know she and her team are actually helping people change their lives for the better. "It’s a privilege to be a source of energy and encouragement for their journey."


Benefits clients experience include:
– Increased energy
– Decreased cravings
– Heightened confidence in the kitchen
– More consistent meal planning
– A broader repertoire of healthful dishes
– More efficient and effective grocery shopping
– Lower food-related stress
– Less guilt about what you feed yourself and your family


"I am really committed to sharing ideas for healthy living with a broader audience than Nourish can reach through coaching," says Skolnicki. "That’s one reason I’m so happy to be the Healthy Living columnist for Cincy Chic and also why I write The Nourish Blog, which is accessible via our website,"


Skolnicki also frequently speaks to corporate and civic groups about various aspects of healthy living. She says she loves the energy exchange with a live audience. "I’m also looking forward to teaching a lunchtime cooking class at the EQ Cooking School at the Party Source on August 3," she adds. "I hope to be doing more of that in the future!"


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