NVogue Medi Spa and Wellness Centers

NVogue Medi Spa and Wellness Centers

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Rhonda Sternberg and her husband, Dr. Richard Sternberg, owners of NVogue Medi Spa
and Wellness Centers

Imagine a place that can make you look and feel younger and healthier for years to come. No going under the knife, no scars, no high-priced lotions. It’s a place where effective solutions get to the root of an issue and build a healthy treatment plan for life-long results.


Imagine no more. You can find that place right here in Greater Cincinnati thanks to Rhonda Sternberg, a licensed RN, LME and LMT, and her husband, Dr. Richard Sternberg, who founded NVogue Medi Spa and Wellness Centers. Their passion to help people get healthy, inside and out, is what led them to focus on skin and body care services for the health-conscious client.


After years of serving as an intensive care unit nurse, Rhonda struck out on her own with the help of her husband and opened the first NVogue location in 2005 in West Chester. They have since opened two other locations in Liberty Township and Northern Kentucky. “We chose both locations in the Liberty Township and Crestview Hills area because there’s a high demand of clientele that want to live a healthy and youthful lifestyle,” she explains.


The list of services at NVogue is extensive, ranging from various facials and therapeutic massages to holistic therapies and the HCG hormone diet therapy program, which has recently gained popularity for its quick and effective weight loss results.


But when it comes to skin, Rhonda says there isn’t a quick fix to resolve all skin issues. Instead, she explains, the estheticians at NVogue work to prevent and correct aging by focusing on improving how the skin functions. Then, they develop a treatment plan to correct the imperfections.


Rhonda says they’re dedicated to making the most cutting edge products and services available to their clients. For example, they’re now offering a new skin therapy called Ulthera, which lifts and tightens the skin using deep thermal ultrasound. “Ultherapy is an amazing technology that has had significant impact on client’s lives,” explains Sternberg. “All our knowledge and technologies come together using therapies such as Ultherapy, laser, peels and body work with a medical skin care line help to correct the mind, body and soul, holistically.”


They also offer holistic therapies, such as Craniosacral therapy, which is a gentle, hands-on approach that releases tensions deep in the body to relieve pain and dysfunction and improve whole-body health and performance. To give clients the opportunity to try out new products and services, NVogue hosts events throughout the year for Aging Skin, Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup, Ulthera, Laser, Obagi and ZO Medical Events and monthy Botox Parties. “It’s rewarding because not only are you getting healthy,” says Rhonda, “but people walk out feeling so much better about themselves.”


To learn more, visit www.nvoguemedispa.com.