Parental Hope’s Journey to Parenthood Event

Parental Hope’s Journey to Parenthood Event

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A local organization is hosting a fun event to raise funds for couples battling infertility.

A local couple turned their stumbling blocks with infertility into stepping stones for another couples battling similar struggles.

“Parental Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the infertility community through emotional and financial support,” Jennifer Bross, Founder of Parental Hope, says. “The burdens imposed on a couple battling infertility are enormous. Because infertility is a little known and often a misunderstood disease, those diagnosed with infertility can feel isolated and alone.” 

She and her husband know those feelings all too well, which is why — after having their twins through lengthy fertility treatments that were luckily covered by insurance, as many aren’t — they wanted to create an organization that helps others struggling with the emotional, physical, and financial struggles of infertility.

The mission of Parental Hope is to make people aware of infertility and provide couples with emotional and financial support. Parental Hope helps couples with infertility through:

1. Parental Hope Family Grants: “We help alleviate the financial burden of infertility,” she says.
2. Various Events and Public Outreach: “Parental Hope advocates for those struggling with infertility by raising awareness and educating the public,” Bross says.
3. Quarterly Peer-Led Support: “Parental Hope helps alleviate the emotional burden of couples battling infertility,” she says.

As a way to help educate people about infertility, Parental Hope produces an annual event, during National Infertility Week in April “to help spread awareness that this disease affects one in eight couples,” she says. 

The event is called Journey To Parenthood, “The name seemed fitting because there’s always a journey to parenthood – whether it’s an easy or difficult one,” Bross says. “We wanted an event name that holds true to what our mission is and what our organization stands for.” 

This year, it’ll be held at the Newport Syndicate in Newport, Kentucky on Saturday April 21, 2018. The inspiration behind starting the event came from Bross wanting to bring the infertility community together, and wanting to lift the financial burdens of couples battling with infertility. “There will be open bar, dinner by the bite, live music, silent auction, and the biggest draw of the event is the LIVE IVF raffle that will change one person’s life,” Bross says. 

There is a lot that goes into preparing for the event. In fact, there are a total of 12 people who help plan and execute the event. “We start planning our April event in July and have a dedicated volunteer event and fundraising committee that meticulously plans for nine solid months,” Bross says.

The event is important because “It will bring the infertility community together, while changing lives and lifting the financial burden of IVF,” Bross says. “The success of the event is based off of attendance and beating last year’s fundraising goal. But most importantly, a successful event is bringing hope to those currently battling infertility.”

For more about Parental Hope and the Journey to Parenthood event, follow Parental Hope on their website, Facebook and Instagram. Also, watch our exclusive interview above with Jennifer to learn more about the organization and event.