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Power opened in April and is located in Madisonville.

Using her love for yoga and Pilates as fuel, Rachel Appel opened Power in April 2014 to bring both exercises under one roof. “Power guarantees a unique experience unlike any other,” she explains, “leaving you standing taller, moving with more ease and seeing major results.”


When she opened the Madisonville-based Power, Appel admits she didn’t anticipate how quickly the demand for her Pilates and Bootcamp classes would grow. “We’ve been open just a few months and the response has been overwhelmingly positive,” she says.


How did things grow so quickly? “With the support of family, friends and loyal clientele, word quickly spread around the city,” Appel says, adding that she’s earned a tough instructor reputation that she’s learning to embrace. “Whether I’m teaching a class or a private session, I’m known for balancing my cheerful encouragement with butt-kicking workouts, all the while keeping it fun!”


While Appel has been active in the health and fitness field for more than eight years, she says she’s still inspired on a daily basis by the changes people experience as they build strength and make health a priority. “I feel beyond blessed to have found a passion in my career,” she adds.


Appel is an ACE-certified personal trainer, certified Pilates instructor, Registered Yoga Teacher, Barre instructor and Bootcamp instructor. Throughout her career, Appel has trained and taught her clients numerous cardio and strength formats. And in the last three years she has added corporate fitness to her services. Each week, she splits her time between six corporations where she teaches lunchtime Pilates, yoga and barre classes.


“It has been so fun because I end up working with clients who may not typically do Pilates or yoga, the clients in a corporate setting are so happy to have a break in their day and it really builds a strong community within the corporation,” Appel says.


When Appel found the opportunity to open a brick-and-mortar boutique fitness studio, she wanted to ensure her motivations were reflected in the name. “The inspiration behind the studio is to emPOWER my clients to create healthy minds and healthy bodies,” she explains, adding that her methods not only strengthen all of the major muscle groups but also bring the body and mind together. “The studio gives me the opportunity to help others improve themselves every day and constant self-improvement is something that is very important to me,” Appel adds.


Rachel Appel, Owner of Power

Power offers Group and Private Reformer Lessons, Mat Pilates and Bootcamp. Reformers are Pilates machines that use springs and pulleys to provide variable resistance to assist and challenge the body. “The variable resistance with Reformer Pilates is what makes it so unique and is why it’s suitable for every level of ability,” Appel explains. Group Reformer offers a more personalized workout that incorporates total body conditioning. While Bootcamp classes are a way for clients to integrate cardio into their workout regimens. “Power is different than a lot of other studios because I keep the classes sizes small so that I can give each client the attention they need,” Appel adds.


Prices for the Mat Pilates and Bootcamp classes are $15 for a single session and $120 for 10 sessions. For the Group Reformer classes, prices range from $20 to $30 depending on the package. While yoga is currently not offered, Appel plans to soon add it, along with new instructors and doubling the schedule due to demand. Also, Appel says, the first class is free for new clients.


Power is located at 4865 Duck Creek Road in Madisonville. For more information, visit www.powerpilatesyoga.com.