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Premier Physical Therapy is one of the only clinics in the area to offer Myofascial Release

Premier Physical Therapy (PPT) was initially opened in 2004 by Phil Cadman as a second clinic for an existing orthopedic clinic. Since then, the business has grown into a booming business with two locations – the initial clinic in Evendale, and a recently-opened second location in Blue Ash – providing specialized techniques with services unique to this area.


“The goal of the clinic was to provide a private practice outpatient clinic to not only patients with orthopedic injuries but also to provide a clinic for patients with neurological complications, such as strokes and spinal cord injuries,” says Phil’s wife, Lauren Cadman, a physical therapist that specializes in orthopedic care, Myofascial Release and women’s health at PPT.


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Lauren began outpatient orthopedia physical therapy 13 years ago. Six years ago she became very passionate about manual therapy, specifically Myofascial Release, which is a form of manual therapy that utilizes sustained pressure to tissue to alleviate pain and tightness. “I am truly passionate about our clinic at PPT because we deliver truly individualized care. We are not a high volume PT factory clinic that follows protocols,” she explains. “We are a very manually based clinic. We treat based on what we see. We are autonomous in our care and think outside of the box in our treatments.”


PPT offers several physical therapy (PT) services for patients who have neurological involvement, orthopedic involvement, athletic injuries, neck and back pain, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, migraines and women’s health. “We provide many specialties under one roof so that any patient who comes to the clinic is able to be treated by a therapist who specializes in that area,” she says. According to Lauren, the fact that PPT solely provides hands-on treatment is something that sets them apart from other PT clinics.


“Several of our therapists have gone through extensive training and are able to provide one-on-one care using Mysofascial Release. It is a whole body approach to finding the source of the pain, not just treating the symptoms,” she explains, “We also specialize in Women’s Health such as pelvic pain, painful intercourse, bowel and bladder problems and pre- and post-partum. We also have therapists who specialize in neurological diagnoses and therapists who are trained in a technique called Dry Needling, which involves using thin acupuncture to help break up face tissue and fascial bands.”


Because PPT has a multifaceted approach when it comes to providing therapy services, Cadman says not only is PPT able to help any patient that comes through the door, but they are also able to refer to one another as to what physical therapy approach needs to be used with each patient.


“We are not a clinic that will see four to five patients at the same time. We are also very different in that all of our therapists are Physical Therapists,” Lauren says. “We evaluate and follow our patients throughout their program.”


PPT does accept insurance for their PT services and also accepts patients who do not have insurance for an initial evaluation fee of $135. Follow-up treatments are $85 per hour or $95 per hour for advanced level Myofascial Release, Dry Needling is $20 per 15 minutes and the Community/Post Rehabilitation program is $200, which includes 10 sessions.


Being one of the few clinics in the Cincinnati area that offers Myofascial Release treatment and treatment for Fibromyalgia, has resulted in great feedback from their patients, Lauren says. “The most common thing we hear is that we are different. We also hear ‘this is the first time any therapist has actually put their hands on me,'” she adds. “Many patients say they feel they have gotten their lives back and that this is the first time therapy has worked.”


With PPT recently adding its second location in Blue Ash, providing the community with therapists that specialize in amputations, Myofascial Release and Women’s Health Treatments, Lauren has high hopes for the future of PPT. In fact, she plans to help PPT grow in the rehabilitation world as well as the wellness community. In addition, PPT will be a part of an up and coming event called LAPS at UC, which benefits the Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Research Fund.


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