Rachel Felous, Simply Zero

Rachel Felous, Simply Zero

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Learn about the woman behind a new zero-waste lifestyle shop in OTR who’s making the earth’s future a little brighter one fun find at a time.

Rachel Felous, founder of Simply Zero

One of today’s biggest topics is that of climate change – which has been attributed to air pollution, overpopulation, and waste. From dirtying the air to filling the oceans with garbage, there are many who are on a mission to help clean up our environment. 


Rachel Felous is a woman on a mission to do just that through Simply Zero, her business that’s on a mission to create a future with zero waste and low impact living through their products, education, and community activism. 


“I created Simply Zero for those who are seeking to live a mindful and sustainable life,” she says. “Simply Zero was built on the fundamental idea that each one of us has the capability of creating positive change in this world through the choices we make and the dollars we spend.”

Currently, Simply Zero has a pop-up shop in OTR until Jan 5 at 1329 Vine Street.


Simply Zero sells everyday products such as coffee cups, straws, and totes as well as beauty and wellness products including skincare, makeup, and body care products, and even home products including items to use in the kitchen and bathroom as well as cleaning products.


Not only do they sell products but Simply Zero also offers events including workshops to help bring the community together and educate them on zero waste, low impact lifestyles.


Some of these workshops includes Zero Waste for Beginners, Low Impact Spring Cleaning, and Zero Waste Travel.


The point of Simply Zero’s community and product efforts is to help empower others to love the earth, make less waste, and live a life that’s good for themselves and the planet. “That’s why we sell package-free, sustainable, and eco-friendly products that help you live your best zero waste, low impact lifestyle,” says Felous.

Currently, Simply Zero has a concept pop-up shop set up in Over-the-Rhine for the holiday season and lasting through January 5. You can visit the store at 1329 Vine Street.

To learn more about Simply Zero, visit simplyzero.co. There you can shop online and even read their blog with tips on how to reduce your waste and make your way toward a zero waste lifestyle.