Raising Awareness One Cupcake at a Time

Raising Awareness One Cupcake at a Time

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Olivia Donnelly, founder of Cupcakes for the Cure

Combining her love for baking and raising breast cancer awareness, Olivia Donnelly formed the first student organization at the University of Cincinnati that focuses all its efforts on breast cancer called Cupcakes for the Cure.


“When I was a senior in high school, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Ever since then I have been heavily involved in breast cancer awareness organizations,” Donnelly explains. “University of Cincinnati didn’t have a student organization that focused its efforts on breast cancer, which resulted in the idea for Cupcakes for the Cure.”


Cupcakes for the Cure is a student-run organization in which the students bake gourmet cupcakes and sell them on campus and at breast cancer awareness events around the Cincinnati area. The cupcakes are sold at $1.50 each and all proceeds go toward the Pink Ribbon Girls, which is a breast cancer awareness and support organization in Cincinnati that Donnelly carefully selected as their charity when launching Cupcakes for the Cure.



“I decided to partner with this organization because I saw how helpful and wonderful it is due to the fact that my mother is a member,” Donnelly says. “It helped her immensely through her struggle with breast cancer so I knew it would be the perfect fit.”


“I have been blessed to receive immense interest in Cupcakes for the Cure. As soon as I created this organization, I received a high rate of interest from students who wanted to be involved and help with the organization,” Donnelly explains. “Our members are filled with enthusiasm and those who buy our cupcakes know that they are supporting an amazing cause.”


Currently, Cupcakes for the Cure are only sold on UC’s campus, but according to Donnelly, they are looking to broaden their horizons and sell their cupcakes at breast cancer events around the Tri-State. “My expectations for Cupcakes for the Cure are high. I hope for our organization to raise a substantial amount of money to donate to breast cancer awareness,” she says. “I also hope to become extremely visible on UC’s campus so that everyone is aware of our organization and our mission.”


Donnelly hopes Cupcakes for the Cure continues to find a way to give back to those fighting breast cancer as well as bring awareness to campuses nationwide. To learn more about Cupcakes for the Cure, visit lvdonnelly.wix.com/cupcakesforthecure or contact Olivia Donnelly directly at donnelom@mail.uc.edu.