Reform Your Core Pilates

Reform Your Core Pilates

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Want to get into shape, but don’t want to join a gym? Learn about a local expert who began as a mom with back pain, and now helps others lose weight, build strength, and feel great again through individualized instruction.


Put down your grocery list and exit out of those e-mails. Head on over to Reform Your Core where Jessica Heizman, owner and instructor, gives women the opportunity to clear their mind by focusing solely on what they’re doing at the moment.

“At least 90 percent of my clients at this point are women, many of whom are either working inside or outside the home,” says Heizman. “Many times making an appointment to take the small class or private session with me is literally the only time they have to themselves that day. It’s a wonderful workout, but it’s also mind body work.”

Heizman’s personal journey with pilates started nearly 15 years ago when she was a news reporter working with not great form and having a lot of back pain from wearing high heels. It wasn’t until her physical therapist recommended pilates that she began taking classes where she was living. Upon moving to Cincinnati, Heizman decided to get certified to teach with the equipment and with mats.

“After I had my second child about five years ago and left the news, I started teaching pilates full-time,” says Heizman. “Then I opened my own studio four years ago in January. It started as just a little home business with clients coming to see me at my home—and it’s grown from there.”

“Today, my business is focused on equipment pilates small group sessions,” Heizman continues. “I’m currently expanding and adding pilates chairs, arcs and other pieces of equipment that can supplement what the reformer can do in a small group setting. A lot of people that can’t do pilates mat classes find that they’re able to do equipment classes. I can accommodate different physical issues whether that be back, head or shoulder problems.”

The price point usually ranges anywhere from $20-$30 a class depending on how often you come and the size of the package you buy. “The reason my classes tend to be a little more expensive is that I only allow three clients at a time right now, which is much smaller than most group fitness classes,” says Heizman. “You get a lot of individual attention and everyone has their own set of equipment.”

“Many of my clients are people who have done a lot of physical activities throughout their lives and for some reason they have an injury that they’re working through or they’re trying to get their body backs after just having a baby—so they feel it’s worth the little bit of extra costs to get the individual attention,” Heizman continues. “They want to know what they’re doing and that they’re doing it right.”

What truly makes Reform Your Core unique is their skilled instructors. “A lot of places will just plunk in instructors on the fly—but I don’t feel comfortable having somebody teach for me that I don’t know has a lot of experience,” says Heizman. “We’re very hands on with the clients we have and 90 percent of the classes we have are taught by myself and one other instructor.”

On the very near horizon for Reform Your Core is moving to a larger space, which Heizman is very excited about. “It’s a beautiful loft space in West Chester on the corner of Cincinnati Dayton Rd. and West Chester Rd.—a building rehabbed by Sozo HAIR that has a lot of character and feels very urban,” she says. “We’re growing by leaps and bounds, so it’s hard to say where we’re going to be in five years.”

To learn more about Reform Your Core, visit or call (513) 831-2600.