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Learn about a local health practice, headed up by a Wall Street power player turned reverend, that focuses on self-healing and spiritual well-being to help clients achieve life goals.

Rev. Ria is the founder and owner of Ria Wellness.
Reverend Ria Roth is the founder and owner of Ria Wellness.

Reverend Ria Roth, once a power player on Wall Street, took a unique career turn into health and wellness by focusing on the spiritual aspects of well being. It was during Rev. Roth’s journey of self healing that she began to trust her own intuition. This gave her the courage to pursue her own passions and open Ria Wellness to assist Tri-Staters with their spiritual well-being.

Rev. Roth’s strong passion for a holistic approach to well-being lead her to seek training in an assortment of spiritual and physical wellness practices that her business offers. As an ordained minister Reverend Roth officiates weddings, is a Oneness Trainer, Certified LIIFT ( Life Improving Internal Focus Technique) Healer, Associate Polarity Practitioner and Licensed Clinical Massage Therapist.

Living in New York, Rev. Roth was draw to a Taoist Coach to heal certain aspects of her past that she felt were holding her back in life. During this time she was introduced to self-healing techniques. Rev. Roth was encouraged to practice on others as well as herself in order to build skill and experience and a unique thing began to happen. “I started to get feedback that when I worked on people, they could feel warmth, shifts, and healing happening. This led me to believe that maybe I wasn’t born to work on Wall Street,” Rev. Roth explains, “but maybe I was here for something else – to partner with people and help them discover and create balance and well-being in their lives.”

The unique approach that Ria Wellness takes is to focus on the inner self as an approach to well-being “So many people focus on diet and exercise for wellness. They focus on their physical body but forget that inner wellness is just as important as physical fitness to a happy and healthy body and life,” Rev Roth says. While Ria Wellness offers services that focus on the physical body like massage therapy, a majority of her offerings are focused on the internal.

One such offering is LIIFT Therapy which Rev. Roth describes as an “effective tool that can change unwanted behaviors and patterns that keep us from leading our best lives. LIIFT utilizes simple techniques to quickly pinpoint the source of the issue and correct it. LIIFT accesses the subconscious mind and the thoughts that are stored there, and gently removes the hidden blocks that are holding us back from experiencing happiness and fulfillment in our lives. It can help with career, relationships, self-worth, physical, emotional and spiritual health, financial success and abundance, truly every aspect of a person’s life.”

A LIIFT session generally lasts 45minutes to one hour, the person lists three things in their life that they would like to improve and then “utilizing what we call mind-body communication, we pinpoint where the issue began and work to gently release the hidden blocks,” Rev. Roth says. The overall goal of LIIFT healing is to release subconscious thoughts the self beliefs they lead to that are holding us back in life. Rev. Roth explains that LIIFT Healing is customized to each individual.

Ria Wellness offers another customized healing practice called Polarity Therapy which removes blockages that occur due to past or present trauma, stress, and general hurt. “In Polarity we seek to remove the blockages,” Rev. Roth explains, “so that energy can flow freely and balanced health can be restored, leading to overall well-being. A Polarity Therapy session takes place on a massage table, and the person wears comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. The person leaves feeling refreshed, unburdened, and at ease. I have had clients say that they feel like they have been on a mini-vacation after their session.”

Ria Wellness holds LIIFT Healing, Polarity Therapy, and Clinical and Therapeutic Massage out of Rev. Ria’s home office. Fees are based on the package purchased and packages begin at $70. She also leads a meditation group at her home office on Sunday mornings at 10:30am in which all are welcome. The meditation group “is on a love offering basis, typically $10-20 but any amount is accepted from the heart,” Rev. Roth explains. In addition Rev. Roth conducts wedding ceremony services in the Tri-State at a variety of venues.
To find out more about Ria Wellness please visit their Facebook Page You can also download Rev. Roth’s guided meditation CD Chakra Dhyana on CDBaby.com or for live streaming on Apple Music.