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One of the best things about yoga is that it can be practiced virtually anywhere. Yoga experts, however, are more difficult to find. That’s why Sandy Kingsley, yoga instructor at Root Down Yoga, says the Root Down Yoga blogs were started.


“The practice of yoga – the physical postures, the breathing exercises, meditation and Ayurveda – a system of traditional healing and health that is connected to yoga – is so rich that we want to get the word out there,” she explains. “We also want to make it accessible to people who not only consider themselves ‘yogis,’ but are looking to feel better – physically, mentally and spiritually.”


Root Down Yoga, located in Symmes Township, offers a variety of classes for every body, including Vinyasa Flow, Hot Vinyasa, Gentle Flow, Urban Zen, Restorative and Yin Yoga. The studio was launched last October, and is coming up on their one-year anniversary this month.


Their blog, focusing on yoga and a yogic lifestyle, was launched six months ago. However, according to Kingsley, the blog and the studio serve the same purpose: to give people an opportunity to practice yoga, to answer common questions, and to share ideas through a sense of community.


The blog is still evolving, Kingsley says, but they they choose topics that share news and answer frequently asked questions. In doing so, they invite Root Down Yoga teachers to write and share their thoughts and tips.


“We continue to build a solid community of practitioners, with whom we are thrilled to teach and practice,” says Kingsley. “Some yogis may only get to the studio once a week at best, and others come religiously to four or more classes a week.”


These hand-selected instructors, and their unique selection of class offerings, is what sets Root Down Yoga apart from other yoga studios, according to Kingsley. “We offer a great variety of classes and teachers who add their own, individual style and expertise,” she adds. “We are not a chain or corporate-run, but instead a spacious studio that will give you the chance for a big exhale as you step in the door.”


For beginners, Root Down Yoga offers a “Beginner Series” of four classes for those who have never practiced yoga and are nervous about going to a regularly scheduled class right off the bat. “This is a great option for people who want to get down to the basics before expanding their practice even further,” says Kingsley.


Their other workshop offerings and special classes vary from Yoga Nidra, to arm balancing workshops, to an Indian spice workshop, to meditation, to how to embody yoga on and off your mat.


Throughout the month of October, Root Down Yoga’s drop-in class prices and packages are all based on a $10 drop-in fee. “This may become permanent, or it may go to $12 drop-ins when the month ends – either way, this investment in your body is well worth it,” says Kingsley.


Coming up in January, they will be offering a cleanse workshop and opportunity for a group to take a trip to India to experience the culture of the place from which the practice of yoga grew. “We would like to continually offer our students opportunities to deepen their curiosity, to deepen and expand their practice, and to connect to their community,” says Kingsley.


To learn more about Root Down Yoga and their blog, click here or call (513) 583-0925.