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Janelle JohnsonGrove, owner of SageFire

Tired of feeling, well, tired? Tired of low energy, not feeling your best and not liking what’s in the mirror? Janelle JohnsonGrove, owner of SageFire Wellness can help.


“The YOU who makes the choices and carries the motivation, passion, and resolution to chop up kale, crack eggs open in the morning and even make the ever-needed meal plan is loved and listened to first,” says JohnsonGrove. “Women’s passions, habits, desires first then rules or guidelines come second and are informed and crafted from each woman’s particular needs.”


SageFire Wellness is a wellness consulting practice based in Cincinnati. “I work with women who want to make changes in their health practices so that they can regain their vitality – or find it for the first time,” says JohnsonGrove. She helps clients consider and practice transformative food habits, explore new recipes and cooking techniques and build in gradual lifestyle changes.


The business was launched January 2012 as a result of JohnsonGrove’s passion for food. “I’ve always loved to think about it, to find it, to make it and to eat it,” she explains. “Not only is it interesting for me to think about the ‘whats’ of food, but also the ‘hows.’ How is this food affecting my body? How do I prepare this meal in the most nourishing way? How can I change what I am eating so that I can feel fabulous? These are the questions that ultimately transform my food practices into habits that will help build my family and myself one bite at a time.”


Food is the starting place, according to JohnsonGrove. “When women encounter their plates, they are encountering how they engage with and show up in this world,” she adds. “Relationships, power, self-love and self-hate, women’s numbness and unfurling soul are all seen through the lens of their palette, how they encounter their plate and their style of eating.”


JohnsonGrove’s passion grew after she saw the healing qualities of food in her own life and in the lives of her family members. After years of personal studies and working with family and friends, she decided to follow her calling and work professionally with others in their food and wellness choices so they, too, can find the radiant health they are seeking.


She studied with the Nutritional Therapy Association and is now a Women’s Health Coach. “I also studied with The Institute for the Psychology of Eating, so that I could better integrate the mind/body connection when it comes to our relationship with food,” says JohnsonGrove. “I have also received my Masters of Education from the University of Pennsylvania which helps to inform and guide my practices in educating others in the realms of food choices and health.”


SageFire Wellness has grown its service offerings since launching. “Originally, I worked primarily one-on-one in wellness coaching,” explains JohnsonGrove. “I now offer a 12-week weight loss classes twice a year and am now offering the 8-week Fortis Wellness corporate wellness program.”


Today, services offered include one-on-one wellness coaching, personal and group Whole Foods Tours, 12-week group weight loss classes with the Get At The Roots Weight Loss Program and an 8-week corporate wellness program with the Fortis Wellness Corporate Wellness Program. She also speaks to groups regularly for educational purposes.


Price ranges depend on a person’s investment for a group experience varies from a moderate fee of $20-$295. The investment for one-on-one coaching packages vary between $350-$2,000 depending on the package.


What’s new on the horizon? JohnsonGrove’s Fortis Wellness corporate wellness program will be launched this fall. Also, she will continue ongoing training as an instructor with the Nutritional Therapy Association.


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