Sound Off Yoga’s Silent Disco Yoga

Sound Off Yoga’s Silent Disco Yoga

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Silent… disco… yoga… you read that right. Keep reading to learn about this unique yogi experience you won’t want to miss. 

Silent… disco… yoga… Yes, these three things you wouldn’t necessarily think pair together well are joining forces for a yogi experience like no other.

With the help of the 21c Hotel, Sound Off Yoga has been able to happen in the Cincinnati.

“Our practice is called ‘Sound Off Yoga.’ However, our company started at festivals doing silent discos, which is basically a headphone dance party where guests get to party using headphones in a place of amplified sound,” Phillip Galaviz, Sound Off Colorado partner, says. “With our technology, we can have three different DJs play at the same time and the user gets to pick which music they want to listen to by switching channels on the headphones and controlling their own volume. We took this headphone experience and applied it to yoga, then coined the name, ‘Silent Disco Yoga,’ so people would get the gist of yoga with headphones.”

The inspiration behind the event comes from a desire to make yoga accessible to the people who feel self-conscious or people who can’t hear the cues or instruction happening during a class. “With Sound Off headphones, every person gets crystal clear sound wherever they are in the room. It also gives you a very personalized experience, as if the instructor is speaking directly in your ear, which also helps to keep out distractions and stay focused on practice while still feeling a sense of connection with the people practicing next to you. It’s amazing,” Galaviz says

The silent part isn’t just for the users or students, but there is not any amplified sound for people to be distracted by. “It allows us to do pop up classes in cool public spaces without creating any noise violations,” he says.

Jennifer Lynn, Owner of Fit Philosophie LLC, holds the event in the Cincinnati area and is passionate about creating an enjoyable experience for the people coming to each of the events. “Success is providing a unique, memorable, and joyful experience to our participants, We want them to experience how in a crowd of 500 people, you can simultaneously have a connection to community while turning inward by isolating the sound! It’s quite wondrous,” she says. “It’s uplifting and the ‘feel good’ is contagious.”

Lynn’s most memorable moment of working on the event so far has been having a call with Singapore, New York City, Denver and Cincinnati all at once. “This call made me certain that Sound Off is a company with a big heart and they are open to expanding their giving impacts by working with me (a B1G1 partner) and by doing so, changing the world one impact at a time.”

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