Spinning Into Fitness

Spinning Into Fitness

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080111HEALTH.jpgGayle Unzicker has watched workout trends evolve during the past 25 years that she has been a fitness instructor. From "hi-lo aerobic classes, to step classes, to group strength training with free weights, to cardio kick boxing," the fads have arrived and faded away, she says. "Spinning is a fitness phenomenon of this era," Unzicker says. "If you’ve ever been in a facility when a spinning class is going on, that’s usually where the crowd is."


That’s just one of the reasons that Unzicker is so excited to have started Gunz Fitness, which is a spinning studio inside the West Chester Pendleton Pilates. Spinning is not only popular, though: It’s a great workout option for people of different skill levels and ages, she says. "We all know that for the optimal fitness regime, you need a cardiovascular component, a strength and toning portion and a flexibility segment," Unzicker says. "Spinning is an unbelievable cardio workout that is ‘doable’ by a wide range of people. There is no impact, so it’s safe for your joints."


Another health benefit of spinning kicks in during time spent relaxing, she says. Spinning also plays a great role in helping metabolism. "When our metabolism is revved up, we’re burning more calories all the time – not just when we’re exercising!" Unzicker says.


Additionally, an important element of Gunz Fitness is the intimate setting, she says. Although she hadn’t thought of women being uncomfortable in a gym atmosphere, Sonya McDonnell, owner of Pendleton Pilates, informed her of this dynamic, Unzicker says. "Our studio has a lovely, warm ambiance, and all of our classes are small – seven students or less – with plenty of opportunities for us to give personalized coaching," she says.


As a supplement to spinning, participants are able to take a pilates class in conjunction with Gunz Fitness classes. "We have specifically designed the schedule to provide the unique opportunity to take a spinning class and immediately before or after, a pilates reformer class," Unzicker says. "There aren’t many places in Cincinnati where you can do that."


What’s essential to Unzicker’s spinning classes, however, is the personalization available for participants. "Our clients reserve their bikes before class on our website. Before they even get to the studio, the instructor knows who is coming to class, how many times they’ve worked out that week, what they like, what they need to work on, what their favorite music is, whether they’re coming from work or if it’s their day off," Unzicker says. Knowing this information on members allows instructors to customize classes accordingly.


Gunz Fitness and Pendleton Pilates combine to teach vital fitness skills to its members, Unzicker says. "We provide two of the fastest growing forms of fitness: spinning and pilates reformer. You can visit our studio and take your first spinning class and/or pilates mat class for free," she says. "You’ll ‘feel’ what we’re talking about."