That’s a Wrap!

That’s a Wrap!

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Lori and Erik Murphy are distributors of It Works! Global

Whether a beach vacation or a wedding day (or both) are in your future, one local couple has just the thing to help you look and feel great for the special occasion. Lori Murphy and her husband Erik are distributors of It Works! Global (IWG), a company that offers a variety of daily-use, instant-results products from the signature Ultimate Body Applicator, or “wraps,” to natural skincare, weight loss and nutritional supplements.


“We found It Works! Global at a car show in Louisville, Ky., in August 2010,” says Lori. “I was impressed and decided to become a Loyal Customer and purchase additional wraps and nutritional supplements. After using the products for less than a month, I was able to go from a size 14 to size 8. I was so excited that I decided to become a distributor myself.”


After already having success as a VP of a local engineering firm, Lori wanted to become a part of a new business venture where she could not only improve her health and overall appearance but also be a part expansive growth within a business.


Currently, both Lori and Erik are able to promote their distributor business of IWG (which they named “ShrinkWrapMeSkinny”) anywhere, but primarily conduct in home Wrap Parties, One on One Consultations, Bridal/Bachelorette Parties and Online Sales.


According to Lori, their top selling product is the Ultimate Body Applicator. This specialty wrap, which is not available at any other health-related company, is designed to tighten, tone and firm the area where it’s applied. The wrap needs to be worn for 45 minutes before you see results and once removed the wrap continues to work for 72 hours, according to Murphy.


To try a sample of the Ultimate Body Applicator, it is $25. For a full treatment (a box of four wraps), it costs $99, or $59 if you’re part of their Loyal Customer program. “The IWG family is a community we treasure and welcome you to join, either as a Loyal Customer who uses our products or an Independent Distributor who benefits for our amazing opportunity,” Lori says.


The Murphys also offer Wrap Parties where all guests can wrap for $25 each and the host of the party wraps for free. These parties last about 90 minutes and can be thrown for any occasion, anywhere. “A wrap party is a great addition to your bridal shower and bachelorette parties,” she says.


Lori says that many of her customers become an IWG Distributor because of the benefits associated with the opportunity. “We saw how the products helped people feel better, lose weight, look younger etc, but we also saw how the business could work for anyone,” she says. “It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, your education level, your background, etc, anybody can be successful with this business if you just put in a little effort.”


Though IWG was just founded in 2001, Lori says the company is rapidly growing. In fact, she adds, in 2011 IWG did just over $50 million in sales and two years later they were just shy of $500 million. IWG’s goal for 2014 is to hit $1 billion in sales.


Since the Murphys branded themselves as ShrinkWrapMeSkinny, they have been able to open their business in 18 countries. “Our feedback can be summed up in one word: ‘Wow!’ People are amazed by the results from using our Wraps,” she says, “We learned early on that it is not about us but about our team and customers.”


IWG and the Murphys will be participating in several upcoming events such as Cincy Chic’s Women’s Health Expo on May 17 at The Phoenix downtown. They will also be involved with local Bridal Shows around Cincinnati and at Tri County’s David’s Bridal stores. “Our main goal with IWG is to help as many team members as possible achieve their goals and dreams of health and financial independence,” she says.


For more information, visit or check them out on Facebook.