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The Loving Hut

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The Loving Hut offers delicious and affordable vegan food

If you’re looking to start or maintain a vegan diet, the Loving Hut has you covered. Their menu has a little something for everyone, from sloppy joes, soups and smoothies to veggie burgers, raw taco supreme, and sesame sea kelp noodles.


“It was started by like-minded people who wanted to share delicious and affordable vegan food with the public,” says Lynn McGee, customer service representative at Loving Hut, “Vegan food has been shown to benefit both human and planetary health, as well as sparing the lives of millions of animals.”


Loving Hut’s menu is 100 percent vegan as well as organic with dishes ranging from $6 to $10. Loving Hut also offers reduced prices for children at all times so that families are able to enjoy eating in a vegan restaurant together. “We strive to keep our prices affordable so that the greatest number of people has access to this delicious and healthy plant-based fare,” McGee explains. A variety of dishes feature vegan “faux meat,” such as the sloppy joe and grilled veggie chick’n panini. Their raw dishes, such as the raw taco supreme and lucky sea kelpare, are prepared at temperatures below 105 degrees Fahrenheit.


“Some of our dishes are made for those making the transition to the veggie diet,” McGee says. “Among the most popular are the American Panini and A1 veggie burger as well as a vegan version of the traditional Vietnamese Pho Soup. The ingredients vary but are all vegan.”


Since the opening of Loving Hut in 2011, McGee says the Loving Hut has grown into a thriving establishment through the support of customers old and new. “The response from customers has been very positive from both long time vegans and those who are trying out vegan for the first time,” McGee says. “The most often heard comment from customers is about the remarkable quality and taste of the food. Many also appreciate our efforts to find and offer organic in every possible ingredient, including organic pasta, organic mustard, organic sun dried tomatoes, etc.”


According to McGee, the Loving Hut will be offering special menu options for the holidays that you can pick up for your holiday celebrations or any other special events. Loving Hut also donates to international charities through different activities, the most recent being a bake sale that benefits the Philippine disaster relief. They also participates in local projects, such as serving the homeless on holidays.


As for the future, McGee says Loving Hut will continue its mission to help people become vegan and to maintain the vegan lifestyle as well as spread the importance of the vegan lifestyle to all parts of the world.


To learn more, visit the Loving Hut at 6227 Montgomery Road in Cincinnati. They’re open Tuesday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. (closed 3 to 4 p.m. on weekdays). You can also visit Loving Hut’s website at