The Three Best Gifts for Cannabis Lifestyle Enthusiasts

The Three Best Gifts for Cannabis Lifestyle Enthusiasts

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With holiday season approaching fast, are you wondering what to get for that special person in your life who enjoys all things cannabis? Or maybe you’re just trying to find a couple items to add to your own collection. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. And now is a good time to buy because there are all sorts of holiday specials showing up on major retailers’ websites. What’s your pleasure? Or, what might your lucky recipient enjoy? The possibilities are endless, but some of the most fun choices include things like vaporizers, grow-your-own starter kits, lamps, edibles, subscriptions, and more. Here’s a quick survey that will get your creative juices flowing.

Starter Kits

One of the top selling items in this product segment is for wannabe growers or people who just want to experiment with cannabis in general. Starter kits come in all sizes and at every price point. There are two basic categories within the niche, namely the grower-oriented packages and the taster sample packs, which are arranged like a box of assorted chocolates but with cannabis samplings in place of candy. The mini grow kits include everything but the required space for a newcomer to the growing business. The smaller, less pricey items are more novelty than anything else. But you can spend a little more and get a real kit that offers people a fun, educational way to find out if they want to take up a new hobby or career as a freelancer in the industry.


Many cannabis users prefer vaporizers to get the most out of the experience. Not only are vape machines cleaner than smoking, they let users control the process from start to finish. The best thing about buying a vaporizer as a gift is that you can spend as little or as much as you want. For example, you might decide to shop for a device that is rated best for discreet use by getting a PAX 3 vaporizer unit. Prices are competitive and the PAX is a smart investment for anyone who wants a machine that will last for years and deliver the best taste and purest vapor. Ask someone who has received a vape machine as a gift what their first reaction was when opening the package. Invariably, they’ll tell you it was one of the coolest things anyone ever gave them.


If you want to keep your gift giving simple, inexpensive, and sure to bring a smile to someone’s face, opt for an assorted edibles basket, box, or pack. Prices range from very low to as high as you want them to be, especially if you opt for a custom-made arrangement. Of course, gummies are the all-time favorite within this category, but in the past few years, product menus have grown beyond belief. Nowadays, you can order cannabis infused items like canned soda, teas, cold brew coffee, candy of every size and shape, and the traditional favorite, brownies. One warning about buying edibles in that it’s best to shop locally and in person. Otherwise, you’ll run into pesky laws about transporting or delivering food products across state lines.