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Zareen Watts, founder of This Lovely Life Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching

Inspired to coach those who struggle with food allergies, food cravings or emotional eating using a holistic approach, Zareen Watts launched This Lovely Life in February 2013.


According to Watts, This Lovely Life Holistic Health and Wellness Coaching is dedicated to helping people make nourishing food and lifestyle choices as well as support them through the process of creating healthy sustainable habits. “Holistic wellness has been a passion of mine for more than 20 years. I know first-hand how effective healing can take place when we begin to have an open dialogue with our bodies and a loving perspective on ourselves and our lives,” she explains. “Both allergies and emotional eating are best addressed by a holistic approach, one that takes in the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.”


Since a very young age, Watts has been involved with holistic health and foods. With her parents owning a macrobiotic health food store, a gourmet Italian restaurant called “Mozarts” and her management experience at Clifton Natural Foods Watts naturally became very passionate about whole foods, holistic supplements and a balanced diet.

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“My experiences led me to believe that different people need different things at different a time in their lives,” Watts explains. “That’s why I teach my clients to foster communication with their bodies. Not only has holistic health helped me tackle and conquer my allergies, and those of my clients, but also those of my partner, which makes me love life even more!”


For those who need help establishing a healthy lifestyle in order to reach their health goals Watts’s offers a six-month Sustainable Health Program. Watts’s health program begins with a free consultation for the client where they discuss their health challenges and goals. Once the client signs up for the six-month program they continue to meet with Watts twice a month for 50 minutes each session. Each session focuses on a theme such as sugar cravings or fats and oils. The client also gets the opportunity to discuss “primary foods,” which are relationships, exercise, spirituality and creativity during the sessions.


“At the end of each session, we work together to create a list of goals that is individualized and directly linked to the goals the client has set for themselves,” she says, “I believe that we can and must take an active role in our own health.”


Since the launch of This Lovely Life, Watts has received a great deal of positive feedback from clients. “I believe that people, and especially women, are drawn to my site because they feel a connection with me in some way,” Watts explains, “I genuinely care about what happens to them and put great energy into their success. I chose to work with allergies and emotional eating habits specifically because I wanted to help sensitive people like myself.”


In addition to the personalized health coaching, Watts also offers a number of other services to her clients and organizes health events. For example, she distributes a free newsletter every month that she sends her clients that covers various health topics, offers in-home whole food cooking classes, and shopping tours for her clients. Watts also has several upcoming events with This Lovely Life at Clifton Cultural Arts Center beginning on January 3 with Silent Sittings that will be held every Thursday. Watts will also hold a Women’s Health Empowerment Workshop Series focusing on various holistic health topics beginning January 9.


With the success thus far, Watts has high hopes for the future of This Lovely Life. “Eventually, I would like work with local under-privileged women and single mothers to help them empower themselves and their families through healthy food and lifestyle choices,” she says. “In 5-10 years, I would love to open a wellness center, which would include a healthy, gluten-free cafĂ© and facilities for teaching holistic gourmet cooking classes. As I always tell my clients: If you cannot imagine it, how can you make it happen?”


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