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Unbound Intelligence

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Dr. Rajeev Kurapati, author of Unbound Intelligence

Searching for the meaning of life beyond the science of medicine, family physician Rajeev Kurapati releases his new book, Unbound Intelligence. The book is set to officially hit stands on January 24, and it’s based on truly understanding human nature.


Kurapati, who works in hospital-based practice at St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Northern Kentucky, says he’s been curious about why people believe in the things they do, especially in terms of religion, since a very young age. “I spent countless hours trying to understand various philosophical and spiritual traditions in an attempt to find the answers to the transcendent nature of life,” he explains. “It wasn’t until my early thirties that the world started to make sense to me. I experienced an epiphany and it was then that I first began to write down my various revelations. I wanted to share with others this new enlightened outlook, and so the book was born.”


With the belief that if we can understand the most basic reason behind various ways of life, we can accept ourselves, Kurapati’s main focus in his book is enlightenment. “In Unbound Intelligence, I examine the most significant facets of human life: love, relationships, God, religion, consciousness and various social constructs,” he says. “With this book, I invite readers to really look into why we partake in habitual, mindless ways of life and remind readers of the logic behind their origin.”


According to Kurapati certain experiences as a physician not only impacted his book but also encouraged him to release the book. “From my unique experiences as a doctor, I’ve come to realize that every person, at their deepest core, is not much different from one another. We are all driven by the same desires and this will to thrive drives our decision making,” he says, “I was able to examine many aspects of an individual and eventually arrive at the core essence of every being. I call this force the Unbound Intelligence.”


Thus far Unbound Intelligence has been received very positively by reviewers who have found the book both insightful and practical. “Rather than providing theories or doctrines, the book expands awareness through an emphasis on personal inquiry and self-reflection,” he explains, “Unlike many books of its kind, Unbound Intelligence allows readers to discover truths not just by memorizing prose, but by truly coming to realize the answers they’ve been chasing.” Kurapati believes that his book will encourage people to walk away from the book as their best selves.


While Kurapati and his team are promoting his book through his blog, unboundintelligence.com, which features Kurapati’s thoughts and insights on topics he discusses in the book, speaking engagements and guest blogging, he hopes he can most importantly promote that his book empowers readers to better understand the complex workings of man and his mind to discover their truest, best self. “My book allows readers to know how they fit into the puzzle of life. It evokes a sense of purpose, peace and belonging,” Kurapati says, “If people walk away feeling more content than before they opened the book, I know I’ve succeeded.”


According to Kurapati, he plans to write more books in the future and looks forward to sharing more ideas with the world. “I’d love for as many people to consume my work as possible. My goal is to share what has made me happy,” he says. “My future plans include more writing and speaking engagements to continue to spread my message.”


Unbound Intelligence will be available for $6.99 as a Kindle e-book and for $14.50 as a paper back print version on Amazon. To learn more, visit www.unboundintelligence.com.