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VIGILANTEFIT offers personal training, group fitness
classes and nutrition plans.

It’ll soon be time to trade in your sweaters for swimwear. The personal trainers at VIGILANTEFIT want to help get you ready for bathing suit season for this year, and many more years to come. Behind the business is former chef, now Fitness Coach, Rick Vigil who oversees all VIGILANTEFIT personal training, group fitness classes, and unique nutrition plans.


Sports can be a fantastic way to get in shape and stay that way, Vigil says. “Your training will vary with your sport,” says Vigil. “You would not train the same way for pole-vaulting as for swimming. You might, however, cross train for both.”


With VIGILANETFIT, you will learn the importance of blood supply to your muscles and the common mistakes that hinder the process. In the end, this will provide you with helpful information about how to manage calorie intake and fat burning, unique to your body.


VIGILANTEFIT has a huge collection of healthy recipes with nutritional plans personalized to you. “As a former chef with a long history in the food service industry, I have an arsenal of great tasting recipes, which I have modified to be healthy while maintaining great taste to keep you on track,” says Vigil.


The program is put in place to assist you to be able to find information to help make a lifestyle change by building your knowledge-base so you can understand and then apply the basic elements of fitness and weight management to your own life.


“We at VIGILANTEFIT focus on the whole picture, combining Fitness as well as Nutrition for a ‘Lifestyle Change,’ with many different options we hope this will appeal to everyone,” says Vigil.


Rick Vigil, Owner of VIGILANTEFIT

Some of the services that are offered at VIGILANTEFIT are: Group Training, small and large formatted classes, Cross Fit Training, Insanity Classes and Personal Training. “I’ve become much more process-oriented and much less results-oriented, which is extremely important for long-term success,” says Vigil. “Throw out that scale!”


Training was once a means to an end; but now, it’s morphed into an end in itself, says Vigil. “I train for the sake of training. I just feel so much better about life. In a lot of ways, the training is therapeutic,” he adds.


Although the business was just launched last January, quick growth is anticipated according to Vigil. In the future, they hope to gain a solid base cliental, move forward with food and nutrition and even start involving pre-teens and teenagers. To include young adults, they hope to offer a large group format training class that would be a 45 to 60 minute workout, also with a 20 to 30 minute nutrition class, which would be free to those who want it.


VIGILANTEFIT is located at 11258 Cornell Park Drive, Blue Ash, Ohio, 45242. For more information, visit