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Yep!Fitness offers an organic approach to getting people fit and healthy

Inspired by the community’s need for a quality and affordable health and fitness center, Kurt Billups, licensed and certified medical exercise therapist, cardio vascular instructor and personal training instructor, opened YEP!Fitness. YEP!, an acronym for “Your Exercise Platform,” opened in August 2012 on Reading Road in Roselawn in hopes of offering the Cincinnati community an organic approach to fitness.


“I have been in the fitness industry for the past two decades,” Billups says. “I’ve traveled the country and worked with the biggest health clubs in the industry. Health and fitness is important and, for so long after working with so many different health clubs, I got tired of selling people air. I really wanted to open up a fitness club that focused on taking an organic approach to getting people results.”


YEP!Fitness, according to Billups, is on its way to becoming the premiere health and fitness center in the city of Cincinnati by offering their members services aimed to maximize the value of their membership. “We do this by a principled approach to business and willingness to provide a service to all of our members that is unlike any other health club in the industry,” Billups explains.


With a strong focus on educating the importance of a proper diet, strength training and cardiovascular training, YEP! places a significant amount of attention on muscle confusion as well. “We understand that the body does not respond to weights, sets and repetitions alone but the body responds to change,” he says, “Our goal is to shock the body with new activity and confuse the muscles for maximum fitness results.”


YEP! offers Zumba Fitness, beginner and advanced ab classes, youth camps, nutrition workshops and yoga among many other classes. Most of the classes are free with YEP!Fitness’s premiere membership, which is $19 a month. Zumba Fitness is one of the few classes you have to pay for, $5 for non-members and $3 for members. Classes are offered at least six days a week and a typical class will last between 45 minutes to an hour. “Walking into a YEP!Fitness facility is truly experiencing the highest energy and enthusiasm that anyone can offer,” he says. “It is a lot of focused attention between the member and their trainers and we can thank our professional team and staff for that effect.”


Though there are many local fitness facilities – new and established – Billups says the difference between those fitness facilities and YEP! is that 90% of their staff is licensed certified trainers. YEP! also organizes a “Challenge Club” four times a year. “We throw a 90-day Transformation Challenge where we challenge members as well as non-members to take an extreme approach to weight loss by making an intense three month commitment to nutritional advice, personal training and regularly participating in our support group and health workshops,” he adds. “There is also an added incentive of $250 for the contestant who losses the most combined weight, body fat percentage and inches.”


According to Billups, in six months they have signed up more than 1,000 members and have documented more than 500 pounds of combined weight loss in the facility. More specifically, Billups says, members have expressed great appreciation of YEP!Fitness’ hands-on approach to business, the convenience YEP! offers and the amount of trained professionals that YEP! has available.


Along with YEP!Fitness’s blog,, their eBook, “A Starters Guide to Fitness – 7 Helpful Tips to Getting the Most Out of Your Weight Loss Journey” and being a apart of the Sisters of the Heart Healthy Heart Expo later this month, Billups says he has high hopes for the future of YEP!. “We have plans to open at least one more facility this year in the Forest Park area and 15 health clubs by 2018,” he says.


Visit YEP!Fitness’ Facebook page or call them at (513) 761-9371 to learn more.