Yoga Supper Club

Yoga Supper Club

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There’s a new event series coming to Cincinnati that will nourish your mind, body, spirit, and social life. Keep reading for all the delicious details.


Yoga Supper Club

Gone are the days of choosing between working out, eating out, or time with friends. A local group created an event series where you can do all of the above.

The series, launching June 17, “includes an enchanting instructor led yoga practice, vegetarian dinner, refreshments and dessert combined with a beautiful setting at various locations around Cincinnati,” says Mija Speakman, Health and Wellness Coach and Yoga Instructor.

The first event is going to take place at the Marmalade Lily, which is just outside Loveland on a flower farm. “There is a beautiful modern barn where the yoga class will be held, and grounds where we will have the outside dinner,” she says.  “I actually attended a wedding and a wedding rehearsal dinner here, and fell in love. The idea didn’t come to me until later, but when it did, I knew exactly where I wanted to host the first event.”

The inspiration behind starting Yoga Supper Club was to “bring together the nourishment of a yoga practice, along with a healthy dinner and create a beautiful space for people to share, connect, as well as practice yoga,” Speakman says. The event gives you a chance to explore yoga and experience different recipes with each new event. “I don’t want it to sound too exclusive, but at the same time, give the idea that it’s more than just an event. Ideally people will attend and come back to each Yoga Supper Club,” she says.

At the first meeting, it’s going to begin with a yoga class, them there’s going to be an organic dinner and dessert from Rooted Juicery. “There will be plenty of free time after dinner to mingle, walk through the flower garden and relax. We will close with a guided meditation,” Speakman says. There are so many health benefits for doing yoga, such as reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, reducing risk for heart disease, improving flexibility and posture, and increasing clarity and balance.

There is such a need for the Yoga Supper Club in the Cincinnati area, Speakman says. “There are not a lot of events that bring together, both a yoga practice and a nutritious dinner at the same time,” she adds. “There is more and more need for community building within Cincinnati, not just for the city, but for our own individual health and well being.”

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