Yoga Wine Tasting Nights

Yoga Wine Tasting Nights

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If your love for downward dogs and sun salutations is shadowed only by your love for cabernets and chardonnays, the new Yoga Wine Tasting Nights at MOVE Yoga are for you!


When co-founders Ryan Meo and Patrick Hitches decided to join forces they wanted to create a community of liked-minded people who shared their love of a healthy lifestyle. “We believe in a balanced approach to life with a focus on having a great time,” explains Patrick Hitches.


The entrepreneurs originally launched MOVE Coworking with an innovative approach to office spaces. The idea is to help busy professionals and entrepreneurs optimize their day fully by eliminating trips back and forth to the gym.


Instead, MOVE Coworking provides shared office space with access to a gym, fitness classes, showers, and several other amenities. According to Hitches, “MOVE Coworking is a shared office space where we help people escape their corporate jobs.” The benefit is MOVE Coworking provides full access to necessary tools of running a successful business while staying fit and healthy. “We believe that living a healthy, active lifestyle helps to spark creativity, productivity and innovation in your life,” says Hitches.


With the successful launch of MOVE Coworking, the entrepreneurs decided to launch MOVE Yoga to expand their brand of healthy living to a core piece of fitness. “Yoga is one major piece of the puzzle to clear the head and get someone on the right path towards their true calling,” says Hitches.


As a way to introduce Yoga to beginners and provide a unique experience to seasoned Yoga enthusiasts, MOVE Yoga will have a monthly Yoga Wine Tasting night. “We aim to provide an experience unlike any other with only the best yoga teachers and an incredible wine tasting through our event partner 1215 Wine Bar,” explains Hitches.


According to Hitches, Yoga has become an integral part of his life in the past year. In turn, it was a natural transition from the MOVE Coworking concept to MOVE Yoga. “An intentional effort to share with our members an experience that will only enhance their overall life through the powerful impact yoga can have,” Hitches adds. The first Yoga Wine Tasting Night will be held Wednesday, September 17 from 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. in the historic Mohawk Building at 1984 Central Ave. Cincinnati, OH 45214. The event will consist of 45 minute yoga class followed by 45 minutes to an hour for the wine tasting event.


So far, the concept is proving to be quite popular with all 35 slots posted online selling out in only three days. “We expect a packed house this week and are already looking at a second yoga studio to fill up for next month’s Yoga Wine Tasting night so we’re able to more than double our size capacity from 35 to 90,” says Hitches. As demand grows for the events, Hitches hopes to offer it several times a month rather than just once a month. “If the idea of having a little wine potentially gets someone to try yoga for the first time, it would have all been worth it,” he adds. In addition to Yoga Wine Tasting Nights, there will also be daily classes offered in the yoga studio in the coming months.


“We started this in an effort to share our incredibly magical space with the local community. We hope that this amazing event will get people into our space to experience the energy that we feel here and want to come back often,” Hitches says.


For more information, visit, or 513-304-6391.