Crush the Winter Blues with House Plants

Crush the Winter Blues with House Plants

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Cold weather have you feeling blue? Our green guru offers four house plants that will improve boost your mood and your health.

The winter doldrums are apt to creep in soon. The holiday decorations will be taken down, the last of the parties attended and the calendar reminds us that warmer days are still a bit down the road. Scientists tell us that plants are very effective in improving our mood. But when you think about it, it’s pretty obvious, yes? A walk in a park, down a quiet, tree-lined street or if you are lucky a path deep in the woods always always lifts our spirits.

When you are stuck indoors, the common houseplant is there to save your mood. For one, they improve air quality- some are remarkable at removing toxins from the air and the rest just pump that oh so vital fresh oxygen back into the home. Simply being around growing green things can improve our mood. Should you enjoy cooking, there’s nothing better than fresh herbs in the dead of winter to bring your favorite dish to life.

Don’t protest and tell me that you kill plants. We all don’t have green thumbs, but some plants simply don’t care about our garden prowess. I’m great gardener, but not the best caretaker of house plants. Here are some of the plants I have been growing with less than diligent attention:

Snake Plant AKA Mother-in-Law’s tongue:  My husband has been tending to these for years and the biggest task involved is giving them larger pots over the years.

Pothos: You see these in every restaurant, salon, doctor’s office and shop in town. Why? They ar that easy to grow! This one has been living on my dresser for years, under a lamp. I cut back the trailing vines to keep it lush and water it regularly.

Umbrella Tree or Hawaiian Schefflera: My dad gave me this plant two years ago along with a bonsai tool kit. As you can see, I forgot to trim my plant. It is the happiest plant, ever. This will get quite large, so I’ll transplant to a new pot and then start trimming it back by removing new growth.

Thanksgiving Cactus: I have had this plant for almost 10 years. It never fails to bloom, it is extremely forgiving and it’s tidy. Christmas and Easter cactus are very similar in appearance, but all seem to be a breeze to care for and easy to acquire.

Here’s my advice, find a plant that catches your eye and go for it. You will never learn to garden, even houseplant gardening, if you don’t try.