Home Improvement: Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Home Improvement: Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Memorial Day weekend officially marks the beginning of the outdoor season (along with the start of the church festivals). What better way to enjoy the outdoors than with an outdoor living space. Anything from a simple deck to an elaborate extension of the interior of your home depending on the budget available and the amount of investment that fits the property.


Basic outdoor spaces mainly consist of a simple deck or patio. The cost of this feature will be mainly driven by the complexity of the design and the materials selected. For a deck, the higher end composite materials or more exotic hardwood along with number of levels will drive the cost. Patio costs will mostly be driven by the materials. Basic would be plain concrete. The next level would be decorative concrete advancing up though paver stones or other natural stones.


Enhancing the basic deck or patio with a hot tub or fire pit would be a nice upgrade. Just make sure the deck is designed structurally to support the massive weight of a full hot tub. Adding a pergola or awning can provide protection from the harsh mid-summer sun. Your selection of fire pits is also quite extensive from pre-fabricated models to custom built as part of the patio. Fire pits are not recommended for decks since they are usually constructed of combustible materials. A stone fireplace is a very nice feature if the budget allows.


The ultimate in outdoor luxury is the outdoor kitchen/bar/dining/sitting area. These contain all of the luxuries you would normally have in your kitchen and entertaining areas. The appliances are typically stainless steel and premium priced because they can tolerate the outdoor elements.


The grill is built into the structure and hard surface countertops like granite are utilized as well. The cost of an outdoor living area can easily run into the $50,000-100,000 range depending on the features. Incorporating features like disappearing screen panels and folding window walls are very nice features that extend the hours you can utilize the space and investment. Make sure your property values can support such an investment unless you plan to live there for many years and just want the enjoyment benefits. If you are looking to add an area such as this you will definitely want to involve an architect or a general contracting firm that can provide a rendering or model of the expected finish product to make sure it blends well with the existing house and lot.


Our outdoor living spaces many times are as important to us as the inside areas and provide more enjoyment. If you are considering such an addition to your home we can help you with a variety of specialty contractors. You can reach HomeServicesLink at (513)271-1888 or info@homeserviceslink.com to request contractor references or address any questions to us.