Home Upgrades That Make a Difference

Home Upgrades That Make a Difference

Have you been wondering which home upgrades are worthwhile? Everyone wants to avoid pouring money into projects that don’t boost property value or add significantly to the comfort or visual appeal of a home. So, how can owners decide what kinds of projects to take on and which ones to ignore? In nearly every case, a wise first step is to pay for one or more inspections.

A licensed professional can tell you what needs to be done and what your priorities should be. After that, it’s up to you to pick and choose among projects like bathroom renovations, interior and exterior painting, decks, pools, and other enhancements. When it comes to paying for any project, small or large, owners can do themselves a favor by getting an accurate price estimate and arranging for financing first.

It’s good to go into a project knowing that it has already been paid for. Not only do you get the peace of mind in knowing that you have expenses covered, but you are more able to focus on the job itself. This is true whether you’re putting on a new roof, fixing up the kitchen, adding an in-home office, or adding a new coat of paint. Here are the details, along with a few suggestions for getting underway.

Pay for Professional Inspections

Contractors usually offer low fee inspections for things like plumbing, electrical systems, HVAC, foundations, insulation, roofs, and more. Don’t skimp on paying for needed inspections. In many cases, hiring a pro is the only way you can know for sure if you need a new roof, air duct cleaning, or wiring repairs.

Pay First, Improve Later

Every homeowner knows that it’s critical to get a project financed ahead of time. No one wants to risk the nightmare of running out of money in the middle of a renovation job. Not only is the mess hard to deal with, but you’re left to wait until you can come up with the rest of the money before finishing the job. Fortunately, just about any homeowner can cover all the expenses associated with upgrades by working with a private lender and taking out a personal loan. Not only are rates competitive, but you’ll gain access to lenient terms and realistic repayment periods. Borrowing for home-related projects makes good financial sense all around.

Bathrooms and Paint Jobs

Bathrooms are a favorite renovation project for many homeowners because they can do most of the work themselves, costs are reasonable, and a complete re-do usually takes less than a month. Painting is another category where DIY skills come in handy, and you likely won’t need to hire a professional contractor. Browsing the various bathroom trends can help you pick a direction in terms of your style and d├ęcor. Some owners discover that it’s wise to hire a pro to do the outside work and tackle the indoor painting as a DIY job.

Decks, Pools, and Other Outdoor Luxuries

Swimming pools, backyard decks, hot tubs, barbecue pits, and other outdoor amenities can add beauty, function, fun, and value to any property. Get several estimates from local contractors before deciding which projects to tackle first. For example, barbecue pits, decks, and above-ground hot tubs make excellent DIY tasks.