Single Women and Home Security

Single Women and Home Security

If you’re a single woman and worry about keeping your house or apartment safe and secure from intruders, there’s some good news. The prices of sophisticated devices like surveillance systems, direct-to-police alarms, and others continue to come down. In an era when inflation is striking rather heavily in almost every other sector of the consumer market, home security products are a bargain. 

Compared to 10 years ago, when smart locks and other high-tech items were relatively new, today’s price tags in the niche are amazingly reasonable and within reach of any household budget. For women who live alone or with children, it’s critical to maximize safety, and that means getting acquainted with what’s available. Here’s a plan that can help you get started, pay for it all, and know what kinds of things to install in your home.

Make a Security Wish List

Start by reviewing the products that are available from major security retailers and making a wish list. Base the listing on the size of your living space, the amount of money you want to spend, the amount of security you believe you need, and other factors that seem pertinent to you. Don’t forget to ask for free advice from a reputable merchant who can point you in the right direction in terms of devices that are best for single women and make ideal choices for people who live in apartments and homes of all sizes.

Reduce Monthly Expenses

While home security products are not expensive, if you live in a larger home or intend to add multiple layers of protection to your living quarters, it’s wise to cut monthly expenses to free up some essential capital. Getting your finances in order is a good idea in any case, and one of the best ways to begin is to refinance education debt. Refinancing an old student loan into a new one can instantly reduce monthly cash outflow by a significant amount. Applying for a refi online is a simple task that just takes a few minutes but has the potential to chop a big chunk off your regular expenses.

Get All-Around Surveillance Cams

Your list should include one or more surveillance cameras. Security cameras are a great example of home upgrades that make a difference while supporting safety. You can choose to buy a pack of 10 cams, a popular choice among security-minded homeowners, and place the devices around the perimeter of your home. There are high-end and basic systems and everything in between. Some feature motion-sensitive sensors that can follow suspicious objects that appear in the camera’s range of view. Others are standard ceiling mount versions that can be concealed by a mirror or transparent panel.

Install Motion-Sensitive Spotlights

Motion-activated spotlights are inexpensive and serve as excellent deterrents to break-ins and property vandalism. Some homeowners place them all around the structure, while others choose to put the lights only above entryways like doors, windows, and pet access areas. An integrated alarm system is another feature of the best retail kits. You can choose to connect all your devices to a single alarm for maximum effect. Finally, having smart locks on front and back doors is a must for anyone who lives alone or with children.