Three Rs of Spring Gardening

Three Rs of Spring Gardening

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Our garden guru gives you the keys to helping your garden bloom this spring.

Our garden columnist offers tips on gardening.

It may sound silly to be talking gardening, as I look out the window to see snow falling, but this is a great time to think about spring in our gardens. For one, who doesn’t need a mental escape from this cold, blustery weather? I think of planning my garden like organizing my closet for my spring wardrobe. I keep what I love to wear, pull what is old, doesn’t fit or out of style and create a list of how to build on the existing spring wardrobe. I simply do this for my gardens, too.

First, I look at photos of the gardens to determine what I like, what was less than exciting and where I could use some pops of color. I do this for all my gardens: from my large park gardens to the containers on my balcony. If I see too much mulch or a container that is less than stellar, I know I need to add more plants this year. If the garden looks too cluttered or the containers look like they are beyond bursting at the seams, I make a list of what can be edited from the garden and a list with the correct amount of plants to add to my containers.

Because it’s below freezing out and snow is blanketing my gardens, I use this time to renew. I dive into garden books, magazines, blogs and websites. It’s so easy to fall into a gardening rutt- selecting the same plants, the same colors and the using the same containers and accessories each year. Shake it up! Take some plant and design queues from garden enthusiasts around the world. It’s a great escape and you’ll be brimming with new garden ideas.

I’ve studied my photos and found some new garden inspiration, so now it’s time to make it happen. We may not be able to do the actual digging on our gardens now, but we can start collecting our new garden accessories and containers. Finding just one new container to add to my balcony collection makes it bit more bearable to wait out winter in anticipation of spring. If I haven’t already, I like to use these cold winter days to clean the containers I will be using this spring. I scrub the pots, look for any damage I may have missed last season and prep them with fresh, organically rich soil. Now they are ready for spring planting; whenever spring arrives.