Touchless Faucets and COVID-19

Touchless Faucets and COVID-19

Homeowners and businesses alike are looking for more touchless options to curb the spread of germs. Read on as our new columnist shares insight.

Sanitation and proper personal hygiene have never been more important than during the COVID-19 outbreak. One of the ways that you can ensure better sanitation is through touchless faucets. 

Touchless faucets have been around in public restrooms for decades. However, in the midst of the public health crisis, touchless faucets are becoming more desirable. 

When you go into a public restroom, you frequently find that the faucets don’t need to be touched in order to push out water. This helps to cut back on the number of people who are putting their dirty hands on a faucet, thus helping to reduce the spread of germs. 

This seems like a bigger deal now more than ever, as we continually try to stop the spread of COVID-19. 

Some areas have seen an increase in the sale of touchless faucets, as more people and companies shift to offer this more hygienic option. 

About a year ago, touchless faucets weren’t really an option for homes. Now, there are hundreds to choose from and the tech is both good and cheap.

As homeowners upgrade their homes and companies look for ways to keep both employees and customers safe, touchless faucets are the hygenic option for the future.