Real Estate: 5 DIY Tasks to Help Sell Your Home

Real Estate: 5 DIY Tasks to Help Sell Your Home

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Sometimes the difference between selling your home quickly or having it sit on the market for months and being forced to lower the price is just a few simple things – like giving your house an easy makeover, sprucing things up, or putting in some fresh looks. If you need tips on selling a home, the most important thing you can do is focus on staging techniques – that is, presenting your home in a physically and personally appealing manner for those that are looking. Check out these 5 ways you can improve the appearance of your home – without breaking bank.


• Clean your bathroom walls: Dirty and grimy bathroom walls can be a major turnoff for home buyers. Even though it just involves wiping them down, the first impression can leave a bad image in potential buyers’ minds. To get the grime off your bathroom walls and make everything appear shiny and fresh, just mix a spray bottle with half water and half bleach. Spray it on the wall, wipe it down with an old washcloth, and then add a new layer of paint. It will look like new in no time.


• Keep the Master Bedroom gender-neutral: When selling your home, you want to appeal to buyers of both genders – so if anything in your bedroom is too feminine or too masculine, get rid of it. You want everyone to be able to picture themselves in your Master – so pick a neutral color scheme with matching bedding and decorations. The goal is to make it easy for viewers to picture themselves in your home.


• Upgrade your kitchen: Real estate studies show time and time again that new kitchen appliance always have a high Return on Investment for sellers. Simply getting rid of old appliances and getting new stainless steal equipment, your kitchen will go from being outdated to looking brand new. You’d be surprised how quickly buyers will jump at this.


• Put unnecessary items in storage: Before showing your house, get rid of any extra furniture, decorations, or items that are too personal. You don’t want any of your rooms to look overcrowded, and you want buyers to think you have tons of space in your home. So clear out anything that’s unnecessary so your home looks even more spacious.


• Give each room a specific purpose: When it is unclear what a room is, or if there is multiple, unrelated stuff in one room, buyers can get overwhelmed and confused. Simplify everything – make one extra room an office, one a library, one a spare bedroom – whatever you need to do so buyers can understand exactly how many rooms you have and what they’re for.


Although you may be hesitant to open up your wallet, in the grand scheme of things, it pays off to add improvements to your home right from the start. It’ll be less likely that you have to lower the price, and it ensures that you have a much higher chance of selling your home more quickly. Be sure to continually check in on our blog for more home staging tips.