Real Estate: Marketing to Home-Buyers

Real Estate: Marketing to Home-Buyers

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A lot of first-time home-sellers get confused about how listing agents can benefit them and how a listing agent can market their property, so I thought it would be beneficial to clear some things up about marketing a home.


Here is how advertising your house works: the main goal of advertising is to generate phone calls. Some of those callers will become clients of the real estate agents who answer the calls. This then builds up a list of homebuyers who are looking to buy a property, and these properties are represented by agents like yours. This allows there to be a large pool of homebuyers in the real estate market at all times.


The real estate agents who represent those homebuyers will be aware of your home because it’s listed in the Multiple Listing Service and because of other ways your personal listing agent has marketed it (through open houses, flyers, online postings, and more).


These selling agents will try to match up as many available homes as possible to their clients, and one of those homes may be yours. They’ll then show their clients the homes that they are interested in, and the buyer eventually makes an offer on one – possibly your own home. This is how homes get sold.


So the main goal is to advertise your home because it alerts other agents about your availability – ads create a pool of potential buyers, and one of them ends up buying your home.


This is why it’s important to get a listing agent – you’re not necessarily trying to market directly to home buyers around the area. You want other agents to become aware of your house, and they will market it themselves to their clients.


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