Real Estate: Reduce Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Real Estate: Reduce Your Homeowner’s Insurance

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Homeowners insurance is inevitable. But you could be paying a much higher price than you actually have to. There are plenty of small ways to reduce your homeowners insurance, as long as you do the work ahead of time. Be sure to consult your real estate agent if you have any questions, and in the meantime, consider starting with these 3 tips:


#1: Shop Around
You never want to just settle for the first quote you find. Make sure to look around, and get at least 3-4 quotes, so that you know you’re not being taken advantage of. You can even leverage one quote to get someone else to lower theirs. And remember – it’s not just about price. Some companies have lower pricers, but others have better customer service, better deals, better regulations, etc. So shopping around doesn’t just mean considering price, it means doing your research so you know that you’re getting the best all-around deal.


#2: Be a Loyal Customer
Many companies will give you a better deal if you have been a loyal customer. Companies are competing against each other all the time, so they have to think of ways to keep their customers loyal and happy – a lot of times they do this through offering potential discounts to customers that have stuck by them. Some companies will offer discounts as high as 10% if you’ve been there around 5 years or longer!


#3: Inquire About Any and All Discounts
Just because a company doesn’t advertise it, doesn’t mean they don’t have plenty of discounts. There are plenty of special discounts they have, such as senior discounts for customers that are 55 or older. So be sure to mention (while you’re shopping around) that you’ve been looking around for what kind of discounts each company has and make sure they know that they have some competition.