Real Estate: Three Helpful Sites for Local Activities

Real Estate: Three Helpful Sites for Local Activities

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As most of you already know, I am so passionate about my career, not just because I love real estate, but because I love the place where I work in real estate – Cincinnati. This is an incredible city and outside area, with thousands of things to do every year, including festivals, concerts, shopping extravaganzas, art programs, and more.


Cincinnati is a city rich in culture, thanks to its many diverse neighborhoods, and there’s something to do here for everybody, no matter what you’re into. I’ve rounded up 3 of my favorite sites that give you the 411 on everything you need to know about Cincinnati events, so that if you’re new to the area or looking to get more active, you can start having fun in no time!


1 – 
365 Cincinnati is a blog that was started by a Cincinnati resident, and contains things you can do every day in Cincinnati – from city tours, to marketplace visits, to concerts, and more. The site contains an event calendar, a mailing list, tour information, and pages about parks, indoor fun, just for kids, food events, and more. Be sure to check it out if you’re looking to spice up your social life or get to know the area more.


2 – 
CincinnatiUSA is a fantastic travel guide for the area of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. The website contains some great information about the region, as well as special offers for various events. There are plenty of pages and special offers for hotels & lodging, special events and attractions, dining & shopping, and more. If you’re thinking of moving to this area and want to know more about your options, or you just want to plan a fun weekend for you and your friends or family, this website has everything you need.


3 – Trip Advisor 
If you want to learn more about Cincinnati and everything it has to offer directly from hundreds of other people that have experienced it, Trip Advisor is a great place to start. There are lists of events, museums, outdoor fun, cultural events, sports, amusement parks, and more. Better yet, you can read real and personalized reviews from other Cincinnati dwellers and visitors. Check out this website for some great ideas for ways to plan a great weekend – or even a fun week night!