Real Estate: What to Ask Your Moving Company

Real Estate: What to Ask Your Moving Company

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It’s important to find a responsible and trustworthy moving company so that you can ensure you’re not taken advantage of. Sometimes the “final” quote a company gives you is not final at all, and may include other charges. You need to ask a few different questions to make sure your belongings will be safe and you will not end up paying more than you thought you agreed to. Here are some questions to ask a moving company to ensure you get a good deal:


Question 1: Is This the FINAL Quote or Will There Be Other Charges?


The final quote is not always the final quote. Oftentimes a moving company will give you the general charge just for “moving” everything but they don’t include all the extra charges. Additional charges may include longer routes, charges for appliances, fuel, fragile objects, etc. Keep in mind that you should also let them know up front about any items you own that may be difficult to move, such as chandeliers or pianos.


Question 2: What Is the Insurance Policy?


Make sure to ask what type of insurance is automatically included in the quote, and find out if there are any additional policies that are available to you. Typical coverage is around 50-60 cents per pound, but sometimes companies will give you a special deal or a special upgrade if you ask for it. You may also want to look into 3rd party insurance coverage for the move – just to make sure everything is 100% safe and covered.


Question 3: Who Is Responsible for Damages?


You’ll want to immediately discuss the process for what happens if something is damaged or broken or if something goes missing. Sometimes companies fully cover that type of issue, but if it’s a self-service move, you’re oftentimes responsible for your own packaging.


Moving your entire life from one place to another is already a stressful process – whether you’re moving down the street or across the country. So make sure you know the ins and outs of your agreement before you sign any contracts or hire any movers!