Aurascope: Your Aura Reveals Career Choices

Aurascope: Your Aura Reveals Career Choices

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Your Aura* reveals mental, physical, emotional and spiritual characteristics that can help you shape healthy, happy career choices. You may truly love your career choice. But if you feel stuck, or feel that you really haven’t chosen a true career path, or want to look for a new career, it may indicate you are ready for change in your life work path. Your career and direction of your work may not truly fit your Aura personality. Here is what your Aura color reveals about your personality and career choices.

RED – You love to make things happen and you are ideally suited to any vocation that is engaged in physically demanding work. You thrive on occupations that place you in charge, and in competition with others and the environment. You enjoy performing heroic and courageous acts. Good career choices for you include law enforcement, engineering, medicine, fire fighting, athletics, entertainment, dancing or development.

ORANGE – You will be happiest choosing a career that combines physical danger and courage. You love to be spontaneous, and have a great sense of adventure and a need for freelance and freedom. Good career choices include exploring; being a wilderness guide, bounty hunter or private investigator; becoming a law enforcement officer, fire fighter, paramedic, athletic trainer or circus or entertainment artist.

MAGENTA – You will do well in occupations that offer a great deal of flexibility, creativity, and the ability to showcase your unique innovative ideas and inventions. You perform best with little supervision so you can develop your own work style. Good career choices include the performing arts, especially improvisation or comedy; visual arts; sales; writing; inventing or designing clothing or jewelry.

YELLOW – Because of your intelligence, social, creative and physical strengths, you can be a great leader. There are a variety of career choices in which you can combine your creativity and artistic nature, your healing and healthy approach to life, and your physical strength. Good career choices include any occupation that occurs outdoors, like becoming a physical therapist, massage therapist, athletic trainer, interior decorator, real estate broker, painter or artist.

You are a thinker and planner who can lead or show co-workers how to complete projects. You like to measure and interact with your environment and are constantly calculating and analyzing data that speaks to your detail obsessed mindset. Good career choices include working as a librarian, architect, engineer, researcher, accountant, scientist, data processor, IT advisor, military personnel or pilot.

LOVING/NUTURING TAN – You love to be surrounded by people and a have a deep sense of community. You prefer careers that are more slowly paced with less stress, but still offer a variety of tasks that will showcase your many talents. You like to create your own schedule with enough time for family and friends. Good career choices include becoming a teacher, secretary, accountant, landscaper, tour guide, graphic artist, childcare provider or going into social work or public relations.

You are an ambitious, usually successful entrepreneur. You have a sharp mind for business; you are effective, efficient and financially savvy. You should strive for leadership roles, or, if possible, become self-employed. Good career choices include becoming a corporate executive, banker, real estate developer, stock broker, office manager, attorney, producer or sales representative.

BLUE – You are a sensitive, helping and caring individual. You are a great listener, a hard worker and love to be a part of a support team or engage in consensus developing and decision making procedures. Your natural healing abilities should encourage you toward career choices in personnel, accounting, customer service, social work, non-profit organization executive, nursing or medicine.

LAVENDER – You should follow some of your creative fantasies and turn those daydreams into reality. You prefer quieter, low stress work with little responsibility, and the freedom to make your own hours. Some good career choices that will give you maximum freedom are becoming a designer, artist, teacher, writer, decorator, museum worker, or sales person.

You are intelligent, sensitive and creative, and will want to incorporate your need for freedom to create, travel and connect with all walks of life with your career. You enjoy a wide variety of tasks because you love to learn, question and make changes. Good career choices for you include child care, web design, international sales, marketing or self employment; or try becoming a health practitioner, environmentalist or designer.

VIOLET – You know your own power and intelligence; you prefer to work alone, therefore you either work for yourself or are at the helm of an organization. You are fiercely independent, innovative, and charismatic and believe in personal growth and attainment of wealth. An activist who can communicate, you teach and support world causes. Good career choices include entering politics, teaching, marketing or acting or becoming an investment broker, lawyer or entrepreneur.

CRYSTAL – You will do well in any career that allows you to work at a task you feel will add value to life. You prefer a well structured, quieter environment and a regular routine. You are able to teach or lead by gentle example and direction. Good career choices include being a medical or information technician, librarian, teacher, receptionist, secretary or counsel; or entering the medical profession. The ministry also offers a wonderful opportunity for your spiritual nature.

*If you have not had an Aura reading, first click here to take the free, two question Aura Test to determine your color. If you are a solid color, just read the content under your color heading. If you are a combination color, read the content related to your primary color (for example, if you are a Yellow Magenta, you would read the Yellow Aurascope).