Chic Spotlight:’s Tracy Green

Chic Spotlight:’s Tracy Green

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Cincy Chic: How did come about?

Tracy Green: is the brainchild of CEO and founder Bob Berendsen who realized that if consumers could have a hyper-local search for deals on things they want, when they want them, without waiting for the mail packs or finding the newspaper or magazine coupon they saw last week, consumers would flock to the site in droves and continue to visit again and again. Obviously, this would then be a great place for businesses to advertise and create promotions to attract new consumers and reward loyal customers as well.


Cincy Chic: Which local companies offer the best deals according to your research?

Green: The best deals are constantly changing as companies continually vary their promotions. That is why it is so great to have an easy to remember and easy to use Web site like People will get the best values by checking to see what the latest deals are and by making sure they are signed up for the rewards program and newsletter (both free) so that they are always getting the latest updates on deals around town.


Cincy Chic: What is the ultimate goal of the Web site? Any exciting, upcoming business partnerships?

Green: Our goal is to build the most recognized free and fun site on the planet – and you can help and be rewarded at the same time. Let us know what businesses you want and get rewards points too!


Currently we are in an emerging partnership with a local media partner that continues to expand. We will be offering mobile coupons and are developing a supercharged rewards program for their customers. I can’t give away the details, but I will say that their customers will actually look forward to receiving their bills in the mail!


Cincy Chic: How can people use your site to save money in this hard economy?

Green: The whole idea of the site is to provide consumers with the best values in town – all over town or in specific neighborhoods. After the Cincinnati market is up and running, we will add more cities (Louisville, Lexington, Indianapolis, Atlanta) . We will then become regional. Plans call for continued expansion until we have a very strong national presence.


Cincy Chic: The site has teamed up with the NKY Chamber. How did this partnership come about? What benefits will NKY Chamber members receive?

Green: The NKY chamber has a leadership team, which recognizes the vision of as a benefit to its members since offers incentive-based marketing at prices attractive to small, medium and larger businesses. In addition to the value and affordable pricing, businesses love the flexibility and multiple media outlets – especially the kiosk monitors in 10 local hotels and the mobile coupons available this spring. Check out the site for a list of the 10 local hotels which have kiosks in their lobbies.


Cincy Chic: How has Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky been affected by the economic crisis, from your perspective?

Green: Our whole nation has been affected by the economic downturn and Cincinnati and NKY are certainly not exempt from its effects, but we are fortunate to have a lot of solid stable businesses in the Tri-State. I think the people here are a great, hard-working group. We are blessed with that good ole Midwestern work ethic and ingenuity that not only has spawned many inventions but also drives ingenuity.


These traits help overcome the challenges the current economy presents. Businesses that find ways to offer real value-based incentives have the potential to thrive during these times. is well positioned for huge growth right now. Look at places like consignment shops and discount stores. They actually had growth – often in double digits the last few months of 2008. There are lots of opportunities in many sectors of our economy. The changes in our economic conditions dictate that we find new responses to stay profitable – and do so quickly and in a flexible manner.


Cincy Chic: Any other money-saving tips and advice for those struggling with many issues?

Green: Keep checking back at as we build the site to its potential this year. We are committed to bringing families the best values in town – and that’s an idea that always makes sense. Let us know what businesses you’d like to see on the Web site, and we’ll contact them. We want what you want- simply the best savings site ever!


Cincy Chic: What’s your favorite thing about Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky?

Green: The best thing about Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky is not a thing at all – it is definitely the people here. I cannot think of a better place to raise a family or settle down.


Photo: Courtesy of Tracy Green