Aurascope: Seductive Powers of Your Aura

Aurascope: Seductive Powers of Your Aura

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We have all heard that there’s an art to seducing, attracting, charming or influencing someone to receive favors that will benefit us either at work or in a relationship. Successful seduction techniques should ultimately appeal to one or all the senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and/or hearing. Discover the Aura color seduction techniques that are innate to your personality and, together with looking and feeling your best, approach those challenges for success.

RED – Your best seductive feature is self-confidence and assurance. You feel alive with physical power and sexual innuendo and everyone who crosses your path feels your magnetism. Show your physical strength, beauty and passion with bold color and style. Be direct and eye to eye; you will not be denied.

ORANGE – You are the ultimate planner, and you are incredibly resourceful. You attract mentally, physically and emotionally capable people to you. People can see and feel your passion and want to join your challenges or your fast paced lifestyle. Engaging co-workers or lovers in a fun physical challenge will be satisfying for all.

You will attract your desired love or work because you are so artistic, outspoken and eccentric. You have no fear of being chastised, and you don’t really care what anyone thinks of your attitude. Wear your magenta lips, nails, clothing and loud jewelry. Others will just be drawn to you to just to find out who you are.

YELLOW – Your first order of business is pleasure, so make sure that you radiate joy and fun in everything you do and everywhere you go. You are a natural at networking co-workers, family and lovers. If you see something or someone you want, turn on your megawatt smile and just start talking and inviting.

Your greatest seductive powers are your intelligence and the quiet mystery of your eyes and speech. If you wear glasses, try a new metallic or colorful shade that will draw others to your eyes. You can be aloof, but that will only intrigue others to inquire about your nature and then you can speak your mind.

LOVING/NURTURING TAN – You are bright and inquisitive, always helpful to others. Your best seductive quality is your ability to touch gently, make eye contact and always act concerned about another’s welfare. You are not the aggressor, but others will seek you out for your opinion. Put yourself in their path.

You can seduce others with your mind, body and possessions. Your wit and sarcasm both stun and please, so know when to use each appropriately. Your clothing, furnishings and office exude success. People will be drawn naturally to you for love or contracts. Seek out who and what you want and boldly advance.

Your best seductive qualities are sensitivity and compassion. You want to heal the ailing and weak and be supportive of the strong. You will approach a boss or loved one with open arms and an open heart. However, be careful because you may become an enabler. You could be taken advantage of and never be able to leave a good thing gone bad.

You seduce others around you with your beautiful fantasies and dreams of how life should or could be, weaving magic with music and art, TV or movies. Make your fantasy come true by sharing a special evening or weekend getaway with your special friend or loved one – you will dazzle.

INDIGO – Your non-conformity and independence combined with your strong intuition make it difficult for anyone to resist you. You have a directness that is charming and intriguing; you dress and act for any part that is necessary. Choose your quarry (it might be just me, but I had to look quarry up. I thought it was a rock pit. Turns out it can be prey too. Change it?), study and prepare and you will reap the benefits.

You are naturally seductive; you mesmerize everyone with your talents of vision, speech and actions. You own the space in which you work and play. Your only problem will be deciding who to choose for a partner; so many are willing to accept, so few will be able to meet your high standards.

You possess a calm, quiet, healing energy that becomes very seductive for others to possess. Workers, friends and lovers will seek out your spiritual healing qualities and your ability to listen and often accept issues unconditionally. You will have to choose partners carefully so you do not become overwhelmed by work or emotions.